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Blackjack is known as every high rollers favorite game primarily due to the fact that it is lauded for its low house advantage and very high payout percentages. It is also relatively easy to get started playing the game. Blackjack has an ancient history and is still extremely popular today, even if certain strategies that made it famous are no longer viable. So if you are eager to learn how to play blackjack, want to see how to exploit the blackjack rules or simply want to know if there is such a thing as a free blackjack jackpot, then keep reading and find the bets online casino for Blackjack Show more

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Blackjack Rules

The objective of the blackjack game is simple – have the numeric value of your cards equal to or be as close to the number 21, without exceeding the number or exceeding the total that the dealer is holding in his hand.

The dealer will deal two cards to the player and to himself. If the players amount is nearer to 21 then the dealer’s the player wins the wager. Alternatively, the player can win if the dealer’s cards are greater than 21 but the players cards have to be lower than 21. The player will lose any bet placed if the value of his cards is greater than 21.

The dealer is required to continually draw cards for himself if the cards in his hand are 17 or less, whereas the player can choose to abstain at any point in the game. It is important to note that in blackjack the various card suits (diamond, heart, club or spade) has no meaning to the game. The ace is valued at either 1 or 11, while jacks, queens and kings all have a value of 10. The numeral cards 2 to 10 in all suits carry the value listed on the card.

Basic Gameplay

A hit is where the player requests another card from the dealer; a stand in contrast is where the player states they do not want any more cards. A split is where the player’s initial two cards are of the same numeric value, the player has the option to separate them into two hands. The player will be required to placing a bet of the same amount as the first bet on the second deck of cards. A double, is where the player is of the point of view that one more card from the dealer would be enough to win the initial wager and so therefore chooses to raise the bet by double.

Rule Variations

Surrender is where a player is given back 50% of the original bet that was wagered on the two initial cards that were dealt, surrender is only optional for the first two cards dealt. Other exceptions are when a dealer stands or hits on a 17, both situations are identified below. In order to excel at blackjack strategy it is highly recommended that you make use of and thoroughly acquaint yourself with a blackjack strategy sheet.

Strategy Sheet: Dealer Stands On Soft 17

The strategy sheet below advocates for the ideal moves that you could undertake in a situation where the blackjack dealer is currently standing on a soft 17. This scenario is valid for a dealer utilizing anywhere between 4 and 8 decks of cards. It is extremely fortunate for the blackjack player when a dealer lands on a soft 17. A soft 17 within the blackjack game is where a dealer has one card that has an ace that is viewed as an 11 and any other card combination that adds to 6.

Strategy Sheet: Dealer Hits Soft 17

This is not the ideal position of blackjack strategy and you will need to consult a strategy sheet in order to become acquainted with the correct methods of play. A dealer hitting on soft 17 is a scenario that is played out in not only blackjack online games, but also within brick and mortar casinos everywhere.

The History Of Blackjack

There have been many card games throughout history, a possible ancestor of blackjack is known as 21. The game surged in popularity when it reached the northern American shores, since it promised players a lovely bonus of 10:1 odds upon reaching a hand of 21 cards. The bonus came to be called blackjack, due to it being comprised of an ace of spades and a jack of either clubs or spades. Unfortunately, for the American players the bonus washed out once the gambling houses realized they were losing money, but the name has long since lived on.

The Era Of Card Counters

The 1960’s was the decade in which blackjack saw it’s fame reach new heights, thanks to a report that proved through mathematical assessment that blackjack could be won through proven strategies. This was driven by Edward O. Thorpe, who wrote a book detailing the basics of card counting and thus, launching many daring gamblers across the world in pursuit of their own fortune.

One such player to be spurred on by Thorpe’s book was a man named Ken Uston, who managed to find his way into a band of card counters. Uston had such great success that he had to regularly create costumes for himself to wear while playing blackjack at gambling establishments, as casino’s didn’t want to take the risk of losing to him. Uston and his loyal team enjoyed such a strong wave and ended up cashing in more than $350 000 USD. What did they do with all that money?
Uston and the crew ended up buying a mansion in the California hills and acquired a space invaders machine. Yet, while the card counter extraordinaire was living the dream, the casinos had figured out the scam and were putting strategies in place to put a stop to it.


How Does Card Counting Work?

In previous years, blackjack was only played with one card deck or with a single shoe – a collection of a limited number of mixed card decks. The fact that the number of cards was known to all players, gave players the chance to count cards. The longer the blackjack game went on for, the more cards were revealed and the chances that players could keep track of what was put down on the blackjack table grew. In physical casino’s steps have been taken to ensure against the practise of card counting, as well as in online blackjack.

The Reason Card Counting Is Impossible In Online Blackjack

Card counting is no longer a plausible form of blackjack strategy, in online blackjack there is an infinite supply of cards and therefore no player is able to count the number of cards played. However, in physical casinos, card counting is against blackjack rules and also has several strategies to ensure that card counting does not occur. For example, the dealer’s shoe is comprised of eight card decks and the shoe will be topped up and rotated midway through the game.

Online vs Real Blackjack

The main differences between online blackjack and blackjack that is played within the walls of a casino, is that the simulator of an online casino utilizes an infinite card deck while in a casino a dealer uses a shoe that is comprised of eight shuffled card decks. In addition, in online casinos there are more variations of the game and often many more bonuses available to players. It is always important to check out terms and conditions before playing, as some even offer blackjack online free.

Can You Make A Living From Blackjack?

Blackjack does feature an incredibly low house advantage and thus is favourable for many players, but in order to win real money you are often required to put up your own money in a form of wager. Yes it is possible to find free online blackjack but this doesn’t always guarantee payouts for the player. Ultimately, blackjack is not a sustainable form of income for the amateur casino player.

Good luck

Now that you are all clued up on the history of blackjack, why card counting just won’t work and what to do with a strategy sheet, what are you waiting for? I think it is high time you check out my list of credible, high quality casinos in the USA and get your hands on a blackjack bonus. Play blackjack online now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackjack

Can I play blackjack online in the USA?

Yes, although if you have concerns do check your states bylaws regarding the activity. It is always important to go through a licensed establishment.

Can I count cards in a physical casino?

No, not only is the practise frowned upon and may result in you being banned, the rotation of decks and increased amount of shuffling greatly reduces the probability of effectiveness.

How do I know what to play in blackjack?

For both the first-timer and the well-experienced player, a strategy sheet can provide a world of insight and greatly increase your likelihood of success.

Am I allowed to surrender in blackjack?

Yes, but only on the first two cards, otherwise you will forfeit any bets made.

What is insurance in blackjack?

If the player is under the impression that dealer may have a blackjack (cards that total 21), the player has the option of acquiring an insurance policy but it is the price of 50% of their initial bet.

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