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We have provided information on this page to inform users about our current advertisement policies and how we are able to generate revenue. Just like the information provided on our pages, you will have access to transparent information and factual details. This holds true for our advertising policies as well. Here, you can learn more about how we operate and how we are able to offer you free access to the latest details in the US gaming industry while still generating revenue.

At CasinoVibez, we do accept advertising, but we have a very strict separation between the content we offer and content from advertisers. We make sure that no ads will have a negative impact on your experience and that they will never interfere with your experience at CasinoVibez. We ensure that a limited number of ads are placed on pages and make sure that the design of these coincides with our current site design.

How we make money

We want to make sure that readers have access to free information at all times. The only way we can do this while maintaining our standards is to work with partners who are looking to promote their services to our readers. Partnerships with CasinoVibez can take on different forms. These partnerships will never have any influence on our reviews or ratings. We ensure that every review is unbiased and is the sole opinion of our writers and editors.

We have strict standards as to what information is published on our site. Our reviews, content, and recommendations are all based on facts that have been gathered by our professional writers. To continue offering free services and to make sure readers have the best possible experience, we engage in the following partnerships and advertising:

When you access our site and choose to read any of tec intent or articles that have been published, you will see a list of various online casinos presented. We have an affiliate agreement with most of these sites so we are able to receive a small commission when readers click on affiliate links. Thee agreements also take different forms and will have various terms in place. When readers select a casino and use the provided link, we are able to generate revenue so we can continue to keep the site up and running.

Comparison lists displaying partners

As mentioned, when you access any of our pages, you will find a list of casinos that are licensed and regulated. We make sur e that he sites on that list are relevant to the content being accessed. For example, if a reader has searched for Visa casinos, we only list websites that accept this form of payment. The exact order of the casinos listed will be based on the current agreement we have with the partner. We will never list any casino that has negative reviews. Casinos that appear at the top of our list are those that belong to partners that pay more to have their site highlighted with us. As long as sites match our content, we make sure to promote those that have a current and valid agreement in place.

Example of comparison lists displaying partners

If we have five partners that we include on our casino lists, the order in which they appear will be based on what partner pays more. As long as that website matched the search by readers, we ensure that high-paying partners are always featured first.

Position sales on the website

When it comes to the lists we provide on our pages, we will often engage in selling a position on that list to an advertising partner. This is stated by including a “sponsored” tag. This will let users know that this is a sponsored position and that the partner has opted to pay more money to have their site listed above others. We receive fixed commissions for these sold positions whether readers click on affiliate links or not.

Conclusion of disclosure

This Advertising Disclosure is designed to let readers know that we do generate commission and revenue by operating the website. The money earned is used to pay our employees, maintain an operating site, and to ensure that readers always have access to the latest information about the US gambling industry. Without earning commissions, we would not be able to accomplish this. Despite earning revenue, we ensure that no content is ever compromised and that all editorial standards remain in place. We will always offer independent and transparent comparisons of feature casinos.

Advertising disclosure FAQs

How does the site make money?

We earn commissions by featuring operating websites and including them on our lists of recommended casinos. When players click on any affiliate link, that casino will pay us a commission. This does not affect the player experience in any way. It simply allows us to generate revenue that is used to keep our site operating. 

Do you earn money from comparison lists?

In a sense, we do earn money from offering our comparison lists. These lists are generated by featuring casinos that have current agreements with us. Those that pay more will appear higher on our lists. This allows us to generate more traffic to those sites and in turn, we earn a larger commission.  

Are your casino comparisons 100% unbiased?

Absolutely. Even though we use partnerships to earn a commission, we never sacrifice the quality of any reviews or ratings. All of our content is written by qualified writers that have knowledge of the industry. The online casinos that we promote never have a say in our reviews or the editorial content we offer. Readers can be sure that they are accessing reviews that are 100% honest and unbiased. » Advertising Disclosure
Last updated: 24/01/2023