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If you’re a fan of cryptocurrency features in online gambling platforms, a tether casino should be a destination to try out. With the increasing number of tether online casinos, our readers need a guide on how to play at Tether casinos. However, some people may ask, what are Tether casinos?

Tether casinos are platforms where gamblers can play games using Tether (USDT), one of the world’s stable crypto coins. Customers can gamble and bet on all types of games at tether casinos, including online slots, video poker, table games, live dealer, eSports, etc. This guide will show you everything you need to know about these casinos.

What is Tether?

Tether is a stable cryptocurrency coin that is being used globally. It was released in 2014 and has become the world’s fourth-used crypto coin. Tether is not just any random coin, as it is tied to the USD, making it stable. One Tether’s value is equal to a US Dollar, which is why it’s commonly referred to as USDT. Tether is one of the best alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, when it comes to online casinos, especially for players who want to convert their winnings to fiat currency.

See Tether’s current value.

How to Buy Tether

Since Tether is presumably tied to the value of 1 US Dollar, it can almost only be purchased with US dollars. You can get some from a cryptocurrency exchange on the account section of your favorite online casino or a third-party online vendor. If you’re interested in buying online, locate a reputable exchange platform and sign up. Navigate to the buy/sell section and select Tether as the cryptocurrency. Choose US Dollar as a trading pair and enter the amount you want to buy. Many exchange sites also offer British pounds, etc. Click on buy and enter your details. Click on done, and you’re set.

How to Choose the Best Tether Casino

Our expert reviewers at CasinoVibez consider many factors when recommending the best Tether casinos. These include:

Different Payment Options

There are several options available to fund an online casino account asides from Tether. You should ensure that each payment method offered is reputable and reliable. Many online casinos list strange and unverified payment vendors for their customers, and its best to avoid them.

User Experience

The experience of using the casino is also relevant. Our reviewers select the best sites where customers can get the best service. They include a fast, responsive website with a simple and rich navigation system.


The best Tether online casinos take their security settings seriously. Each has its own inbuilt and high-end 128-bit or more encryption framework. In addition, while signup processes are simple, they also carry out strict verification processes for all customers.

Licensed Casinos

Top-rated Tether casinos are licensed gambling sites with a license from a known regulatory body. Each of them lists their license at the foot of the website’s homepage. Ensure it is properly licensed before you register.

Bonuses and Promotions

All casino bonuses and promotions are necessary. While it is also good to play casino games, incentives should also be available for customers to enjoy. A large variety of promotions for new and regular customers is essential.

Variety of Tether Casino Games

The best tether casinos must have a collection for customers to play casino games. All the casino games must be HD and have titles from the best software providers globally.

How to Deposit at a Tether Casino

Depositing at Tether casinos involves a simple process. Aside from its ease of use, you don’t need to wait long before payment is confirmed. However, you will need to know how the process involved in making deposits. Below is a step-by-step guide involved in making deposits without problems.
Estimated time needed: 00:05 Tools needed: Laptop/PC DeviceInternet Supply needed: TimeUSDT/Wallet
Select a Tether Casino from our list
Select a Tether Casino from our list Choose any of our well-vetted Tether casinos and sign up. You are fine choosing any of the options as each one is properly licensed and secure. Step 1
Register at a Tether casino
Register at a Tether casino Next, register on the platform. To do this, you must fill in the required details, including your name and email address. You’ll be required to choose a username and password. Step 2
Make your first deposit using your crypto wallet
Make your first deposit using your crypto wallet You will need to make a deposit to play. Use your Tether wallet to make your required deposit amount. Deposits are typically instant on our recommended sites. Step 3
Start playing casino games!
Start playing casino games! Finally, select from the immense game collection and start wagering. Remember to have fun! Step 4

Making Withdrawals on a USDT Casino?

Customers who want to wager on the USDT games should be able to withdraw their winnings. To make a withdrawal request, navigate to the account section of your favorite casino and click on withdraw. Next, select from the list of available options and enter the desired amount.

You must note the withdrawal processing times and minimum and maximum limits allowed before paying. Typically, as a stable cryptocurrency, all payments in Tether should be instant and require little to nothing in transaction fees. 

What are the Advantages of Playing on a Tether Casino?

The most significant benefit of playing at a Tether online casino is its relevance in today’s modern online gambling. The ease of converting all Tether payments to fiat currency in good time. More Tether crypto casinos are being opened daily, offering chances for players who want to enjoy the benefits of modern banking.

However, like there are huge advantages of playing on a Tether gambling site, it has its own associated cons. The high level of anonymity involved could pose a risk for players.

Pros & Cons: Tether Casino Sites

The increasing popularity of Tether offers you a fast and reliable choice for playing casino games. However, even though there are many benefits involved in playing in these casinos, there are also risks. We have listed some of the common ones below.


  • Extensive collection of tether games to choose from
  • Secured transactions
  • Increased privacy for payments
  • Cheap transaction fees


  • A limited number of tether casinos are available
  • Centralized control of all Tether processes.

As Tether USDT is an important tool used by an online casino, players can use this stablecoin to plate their favorite games. Tether betting sites now allow you to bet on virtual sports games. The crypto casinos now offer many games from several world-class software providers. Here, all the best casino games are available to wager on, just as in traditional online casinos.

Tether Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular casino table game with a vast online presence. You can now use your Tether to play on different blackjack games, including blackjack 21, European blackjack, American blackjack, etc. The gameplay involved in blackjack is also the same as with fiat currency casinos. Play and beat the dealer to a natural win of 21 or close.

Tether Baccarat

Online Tether Baccarat is popular in global casinos. Playing Baccarat is simple and straightforward. There are different bet types: banker, player, and dealer. The number of Baccarat varieties comes with a twist in the gameplay to increase your winning options. All the cards are numbered, with 10 jack, queen, and king cards available.

Tether Poker

The best Tether USDT casinos allows customers to jump on several reputable online casinos with a separate section for USDT Poker. Playing with Tether on the beautiful game of Poker is swift and easy. The gameplay for video Poker games is simple, and you can call the bluff on your opponent’s hand if you don’t have the best of choices yourself.

Tether Slots

Online slot games are the major titles you will find across different Tether gambling sites. You will find such titles with varying mechanics and features on a crypto casino. Some top-rated casino software companies provide each of them, including Microgaming, Evolution Games, Pragmatic Play, WMS, Fugaso, etc. The gameplay is simple, and they all come with varying bonus features. Online slot games on USDT casinos have a low house edge and high RTP value.

Tether Live Casino

Live casino that support USDT gambling allow you to wager on the best live dealer tables using Tether and other cryptos. The operators contact top software suppliers like Pragmatic Play, Evolution Games, etc. to supply their customers with the best live casino tables. Games are streamed live from top gaming studios around the world, and the biggest advantage here is that there are always rooms open 24 hours.  

Tether Casino Bonuses

Tether casinos offer some of the best incentives on online gambling sites. The value of these bonuses is almost the same as players who wager with US dollars. This singular fact serves as an excellent benefit for players at Tether casinos.

Some of the offers include welcome bonuses and the Tether no deposit incentives. These offers are usually spread beyond your first deposit. Other bonuses to look forward to having free spins, leaderboard points, etc. Ensure you look out for the wagering requirements attached to the deposit bonuses before you claim them.

Welcome Bonus

Most USDT gambling sites offer you rich welcome bonuses which usually come as a match deposit bonus. Here, the casino matches any deposit you make, giving you extra cash to play for free.

No Deposit Bonus

Tether No deposit bonuses are given to you as you register. They do not require a real money deposit which is why they are popular among players.

Free Spins Bonus

A USDT casino free spins bonus awards free games to play on slot machines. These could range from 10 free spins to 100 or more.

Cashback Bonus

When you play on a USDT casino, you stand a chance to get cashback bonuses. These bonuses offer you back some percentage of your deposits depending on the casino you play.

Using Tether vs. Other Cryptocurrencies for Online Gambling

Wagering with Tether clearly has advantages when compared to other cryptocurrencies. All Tether casinos listed by CasinoVibez offer fast, non-volatile payments for their customers. You do not risk losing the value of your payment since Tether is a stablecoin linked to fiat currency.

Market conditions manipulate other cryptocurrencies and can increase or decrease as conditions permit. This risk is why most players using other crypto coins complain of low values when they withdraw their casino wins. The situation is not the same with Tether.  

Are Tether Casino Sites Safe?

In 2023, all stablecoin casinos are safer to wager on than the traditional, volatile crypto coins. The singular fact that they are tied to the US Dollar prevents Tether from being subjected to market conditions.

The stability does not mean that Tether can be substituted for the dollars. Players will have to convert their fiat currencies into Tether before they can deposit at an online casino.

Play at an Online Tether Casino!

If you prefer to gamble in a cryptocurrency casino, Tether sites are the best to choose. Select any option from our recommended casino sites and get the best offers you can find in Tether gambling. There are no risks of reduced value, and payments are almost free and processed within record time.

In addition, the registration process is simple, although you will need to undergo verification checks to confirm the authenticity of your identity before placing withdrawal requests. Lastly, remember to gamble responsibly when playing in the best USDT casinos.

FAQ: Tether Casino

Are Tether casinos legit?

Yes. Tether casinos are legit and reliable. Customers can choose from our recommended and verified iGaming sites to wager on casino games.

Is it legal to gamble with Tether?

The legality of gambling with cryptocurrency is still being debated. There are clearly no laws that make Tether gambling illegal. Also, no legislations support the use of Tether. However, you can play on Tether casinos without the risk of law enforcement visiting you.

How long do Tether casino deposits take?

All USDT casino deposits are instant and reflect immediately in your casino account. They are processed on the blockchain network, where you don’t need to wait long before the payments are confirmed.

Which casinos accept Tether as a payment method?

Some online casinos accept Tether as means of payment. However, our experts have reviewed a few of the best ones for you. Check out our list of recommended casino sites to play on.

Are there fees for Tether deposits?

There are no fees when making deposits using Tether. All fees attached to any specific casino payment originate from the casino and could be for transaction processing. Please confirm the terms and conditions before proceeding.

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