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Living in the United States is great but residing in the states where real money online gambling has been legalized makes it even better, especially if you intend to play, have fun and hopefully win the jackpot at online gambling sites. If you reside in New Jersey, Pennsylvania or any other state in the US that supports online casinos and real money gambling, you can totally start playing and earning real cash in just a few short minutes.

Yes, that’s all it will take. And with us, Casino Vibez, on your side, you can be sure to have exclusive access to the best online gambling sites that are safe and reliable.

Explore our list of online gambling sites to pick the one that meets your standards.

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Find the best online casinos in USA – Meet Rico!

Welcome to my site! I’ve hope you’ve already taken a good look at my all-American casino list. I made it myself – pretty neat, huh? And remember to look for the no deposit bonus casinos too!

“Anyway, I’m Rico. Legendary DJ and former night club owner. I’ve been in the game for a lifetime, and now you have the chance to get a piece of some of my hard-earned knowledge. First of all, you should check out my über handsome comparison list of New Jersey licensed online casinos!

My night club was called the Golden Palm Club. That place had it all. Great bar, stylish furniture, huge dance floor, and every night, I, Rico, would spin the records. For some reason, the guests never seemed to feel the groove, but what-the-hey: Golden Palms Club was about Rico having some fun! I even had a casino there on a few occasions!

Ah, those were the days. Unfortunately, the ATF came and shut the whole place down all of a sudden. Something ’bout a missing gambling license and some funds that weren’t accounted for. Nitty-gritty stuff. Anyway…”

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Criteria: How we rate and pick our gambling sites

At Casino Vibez, we will never compromise on quality. We know the repercussions of joining unlicensed online gambling sites. That is why we have ensured that all our online gambling real money sites possess the following qualities:

How we review and rate online gambling sites in USA


Categories: Types of Gambling Sites

With the ever-increasing demand for online gambling, comes a variety of options to meet the diverse needs and expectations of players.

Currently, there are different types of gambling sites available for players in the US:

Guide: How to pinpoint best online gambling sites USA

Nobody wishes to waste time at gambling sites online with nothing to show for it. Therefore, if your aim is to make some cash while having all the fun in the world, then you've found the right team to get you there.

Believe this, it all begins with finding the best online gambling sites USA. Some punters think all that matters is their gambling skills, but they can't be more wrong.

With the right online gambling sites USA, you have a greater chance at smiling to the bank after your gaming sessions. Luckily for you, Casino Vibez has a winning list of best gambling sites for real money gambling.

To get started, simply follow these steps:
Estimated time needed: 00:03 Tools needed: Supply needed: TimeMoney21+ years in the backpack
Compare us gambling sites
Pick a US gambling site from our recommended list At Casino Vibez, we have compiled a list of the best gambling sites for players in the US. Simply pick the best gambling site that meets your standards from our recommended list. Step 1
Check and compare gambling site welcome bonuses
Compare casino bonuses After choosing the casino(s) that meet your taste, compare their bonus offers and promotions. You will find different offerings from different casinos on our list. Go through them and pick out the bonus offer you feel is the best for you. Step 2
Read reviews of US gambling sites
Read review or go straight to the casino Our team of reviewers was careful to include an in-depth review of all casinos. You may choose to read them or visit the casino straight away. If you decide to visit the casino without reading the review, that’s totally fine. You can trust us to only provide you with reputable online gambling sites. Step 3
Go sign up at your preferred US gambling site
Sign up & go have fun! At this point, the only thing remaining is to sign up. The registration process is super easy and will only take, at most, 5 minutes of your time. The casino will ask you to provide some of your private details, go ahead and supply them. You're in good hands. As soon as this is over, you’re free to start playing. Step 4

Feedback from our readers:

We are following closely the developments of the online casino industry in order to inform our readers of the newest casinos and best bonuses on the market today. Below, you can read the feedback from a few of our readers, where they explain why they find our page useful.

"I really appreciate that the information on CasinoVibez is transparent and up to date, addressing both the advantages and disadvantages of the diverse casino brands listed on the site. This makes it easier to find the best gambling website for my particular preferences considering all the different state licenses across US."

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"I am a fan of the way different casinos and bonus pages are categorized on CasinoVibez. The customized bonus lists make it super easy to find the best bonus offers – whether I’m looking for the newest bonus codes, free spins, or no deposit bonuses."

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"CasinoVibez is my go-to site for casino comparisons – I can always find the newest interesting online casino brands on their lists! By reading the casino reviews I can always find all the crucial information I need before signing up for a new casino."

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Reviews: Discover new online gambling sites by reading our casino reviews

The world of online gambling is ever-changing. Gambling today is not what it used to be a decades ago. With the advent of new technologies, improvements are unstoppable in the industry. Now, the question is, how can punters keep up with this change? The answer is simple; Casino Vibez!

We have dedicated ourselves to discovering the newest and best online casinos in the business. As soon as we confirm their genuineness, we immediately update our list with them. Our casino reviews are updated every week and if you wish to make the most of the gambling industry, we advise you to bookmark Casino Vibez so that you will never miss any important update in the future. Whenever you decide it’s time to check out a new online gambling site, visit our website and surely, we will have something new and refreshing for you.

Can you trust Casino Vibez?

The subject of trust is one you cannot afford to sweep under the rug when it comes to online gambling. The internet is saturated with lots of websites claiming to be trustworthy but in the end, they will make you lose your hard-earned money. Casino Vibez is different. Not only have we existed for quite a while, with positive reviews to prove our legitimacy, we are also punters who take out time to bet on casino games.

We know the fundamentals of the gambling scene; all our staffs have numerous years of gambling experience which have been channeled into Casino Vibez to ensure our visitors are always ahead in the game with reliable information.

Your safety is our top priority and we will never negotiate on that. We only recommend online casinos we consider trustworthy after a series of testing and scrutiny. Are you a lover of casino games and in search of where to unleash your passion online? Then look no further. By collaborating with us, we will guide you to trustworthy online gambling sites that will make your gambling dreams come true.

This is one topic that is yet to receive a straightforward answer. There is a lot of back and forth about the legality of online gambling in the US. In some states, the situation is quite confusing; you won’t find an outright ban on their operation but at the same time, they are tagged illegal.

However, some states have been able to put the matter to rest and in this section, we will sum up everything we know about online gambling laws in certain states in the US.


Residents of California are not left out of some gambling action. The various online gambling options available to them include Sweepstakes online casinos and poker sites. This allows punters in the state to have a go at real cash prizes while enjoying online casino games and poker sites. With all this, online gambling is still, to a large extent, illegal in the State of California.


Colorado legalized sports betting sites via a voter referendum which took place in November 2019. The new gambling law was passed by a slim margin and allows the casinos in the state to open both retail and online books. Presently, there are 33 casinos in Colorado and all of them have applied for licenses.


Delaware is in the history books as the first state to launch online sports betting post-PASPA. Not only that, but the state has also given the directive for online casinos and online poker to function. Residents of Delaware have a lot going for them in the aspect of online gambling and can easily enjoy all the punting they can handle, both online and on brick and mortar casinos.


Indiana recently made the list of states that have approved legal sports betting, both on mobile and retail, in 2019. The current number of sportsbooks in the Hoosier State are three - DraftKings, BetRivers, and FanDuel. Lovers of online casinos and online poker will have to wait a bit longer as the state has no plans to make them legal anytime soon.


Illinois just legalized sports betting not long ago, precisely in June 2019. But it took almost a year to open its first retail sportsbook in March 2020. So far, so good, the state has no plans to legalize online poker or online casino anytime soon. Licenses for sports betting sites are currently up for grabs at $10 million.


The state of Iowa presently has no plans to legalize online casinos and online poker. Punters who are enthusiasts of such games will need to relocate to states with more lenient online gambling laws in order to play them. However, if relocation is not an option, then they will have to make do with online sports betting. For now online sports gambling is the only form of online gambling that is currently legal in the state.


A legislation to legalize online gambling in Michigan was signed in December 2019. Following this, the first retail sportsbook in the state went live in March 2020. The state has given approval for the operation of online sports betting, online casinos, and online poker. However, the bill does not give permission for multi-state games.


It is strange how the state of Nevada can legalize prostitution and recreational Marijuana in some counties but will only approve playing poker online for its residents. If you desire to play table games, sadly you'll need to visit a land-casino. For sports lovers, you can only bet on your favorite teams online through a land-based sportsbook.

New Hampshire

Residents of the Granite State were finally allowed to enjoy some online gambling action in December 2019. Though residents are only permitted to participate in online sports betting. Presently, punters cannot access online casinos nor online poker in the state and there appears to be no interest to change the status quo anytime soon.

New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the states in the United States where you can take part in popular online gambling activities like online casinos, sportsbooks, and online poker. Residents of NJ are fortunate because the laws of the Garden State are so lenient to allow punters to enjoy what other gamblers are being denied in other parts of the country.


Pennsylvania boasts of total gambling freedom. Right alongside New Jersey, residents of Pennsylvania can openly gamble from home without worrying about breaking any laws. Courtesy of the relaxed gambling laws in the state, punters can access casino, poker and sportsbook games without fear. Also, online gambling sites can easily acquire licenses to operate in the state as long as they satisfy the state's requirements.

Rhode Island

Although gamblers may not access the three major gambling options, Rhode Island has ensured that they can play at least one of them. Gamblers residing within its jurisdiction can take part in sportsbook betting.

West Virginia

In West Virginia, you can enjoy online sports betting, online casino and online poker. Even sports betting apps have been approved by the state. This is one of the states where you don't have to worry about breaking the law to satisfy your gambling cravings. By following the proper channels, gambling operators can easily obtain a permit to set up shop in West Virginia.

Legal Online Casinos states USA


Get to know all corners of online gambling

Online gambling is much more than an avenue to earn extra bucks. It is also a platform to receive high-quality entertainment while doing what you love most―gambling. Some punters have also been able to make friends, especially on the live casinos. Those who were able to hit jackpots had their lives transformed in an instant. How cool is that? Below are some of the basics of online gambling you ought to know.

Games & Slots

Online slots are just like the ones you will find in land-based casinos. They also include jackpot games that will allow you win millions. There are different types of slots such as 3-reels slots and 5-reels slots. However, slots are not the only games you will find at an online gambling site.

There are table games as well. These are games of chance and they come in different variants. Some of the games are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Craps. Also included are games like poker and live casino.

Bonuses & wagering requirements

Online gambling is made more attractive by bonuses. These come in different forms and are often used to attract new players. Even old players who are already members of a casino site receive bonuses occasionally to keep them coming back. These bonuses have different names and they serve different purposes. There is the welcome bonus, which is used to welcome new players to the casino, there are free spins, cashbacks, free money, no deposit bonuses, and many more.

Wagering requirements are attached to these bonuses and they are primarily used by casino operators to ward off bonus hunters. Some bonuses come with impossible wagering requirements while others are bearable. Wagering requirements simply mean that the bonus receiver must wager their bonus and initial deposit a number of times in order to qualify for withdrawal requests.


Without a standard banking method, online gambling sites will find it difficult to make financial transactions with their clients. For this reason, top online gambling sites USA make use of only reputable financial merchants. These include some famous names like VISA, Mastercard, Paysafecard, PayPal and lots more. With them, players can make deposits into their casino accounts to commence game play and in the event of winnings, the same payment options can be used to withdraw money from the casino.

Mobile Gaming & Casino Apps

Mobile phones and tablets have become more popular than they were five years ago. This has led to a mobile revolution, whereby gaming companies are now optimizing their games for mobile play. Mobile gaming allows punters to take a break from the screen of their laptop; they can now carry the online casino with them wherever, whenever.

In some cases, mobile platforms are better than the desktop version. Though they feature lesser number of games, the available offers have superb graphics and sound quality. Also, some casinos reserve certain bonuses for mobile gaming in a bid to encourage their clients to play on their mobile devices.

Best online sports gambling sites

Signup & Verification (KYC): Creating an online gambling player account:

Today, you no longer need to spend much time creating an online casino account. In just a couple of minutes, you’re done and your membership is secured. How to start? Simple. Begin by scouring the best casino list only found at Casino Vibez. Once you’ve found one, click on it to visit the website – and remember it’s required to at least 21 years of age to gamble for real money in USA assuming you’re residing in a state where gambling is legal.

The next thing to do is locate the registration section of the website. There, you’ll need to provide your personal details. Some of the details required include your email address, username, age, and many more of that nature. Once you provide them all, you account will be activated shortly. However, in most cases, it doesn’t end there. You’ll be required to conduct a KYC check.

A KYC check, which means “Know Your Customer”, is an added security layer used by standard online gambling sites to verify the identity of their members. This is because a lot of people are dishonest about their age and country, so these online casinos use the KYC check to make sure their registered players are eligible to play at the casino.

The following information will be needed for the KYC check:

In line with observing the industry standard, some online gambling sites might require information about your income source and line of employment. This is asked to certify you’re not gambling with illegal money. The KYC check might appear complicated, but it isn’t. As long as you have evidence to back up your claims, in no time you will be done with it and commence gambling.

In case you’re wondering what type of evidence you should provide for the KYC check, here are they:

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The Player’s Codex – Gamble Responsibly!

I’ve seen many players come and go. Seen ’em win. Seen ’em go down on their luck. Seen ’em continue even after they’re broke twice. And the last thing ain’t a pretty sight. That’s why I always set my limits and know when to call it a night. I got love for you kid, that’s why Imma let you into the Player’s Codex:

Never gamble while Under the Influence: It’s tempting to have a drink or two with the game, but don’t overdo it: As you well know, alcohol makes you careless and prone to take risky decisions. I’ve seen it happen, and it ain’t pretty! Don’t gamble while you’re drunk!

Keep it Funny: Always keep in mind that gambling is purely entertainment. As they say in Vegas, the house always wins. You can get lucky once in a while, but as a rule of thumb, you should think of all the money you wager as lost. Never chase your losses, and never gamble for more money than you have. It can only go wrong!

Mind your Paper (money): Everybody’s got a limit. Things can go pretty fast in a casino, so it’s always a good idea to set a budget before you start playing. You don’t wanna come out with no shoes on your feet!

Remember People got your Back: If you feel that your play is getting out of hand, remember that people are there for you. Talk to your family or your close friends about your concerns. Remember there’s no shame in showing that you are able to take control of your situation! If you require help with your gambling habit, you also have the possibility to contact 800-GAMBLER – the Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey. The 1-800 Hotline is free and confidential, and these people know what they’re doing!

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Pros & Cons: Best Online Gambling Site for Real Money

Before you start playing any games online, make sure you are aware of all pros and cons of real money gambling online. Here, we provide a list of the advantages and disadvantages you will find when you select any of our trusted gambling online real money sites. Take a few minutes to review these so you are prepared for an experience gambling online with real money.


  • Great levels of convenience
  • Secure gambling sites with valid licenses
  • Access to hundreds of games
  • Win top payouts


  • Cashout times may be long
  • Some transaction fees may be applied
  • Limited personal interactions
  • Risk of losing money

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Casino Vibez is a free comparison site for online casinos. We are affiliates, meaning that we receive commission from the casinos we promote. Hey, everybody’s got to make a living, right?

It basically works like this: Every time a player makes use of our links; we get a piece of the action. This in terms allows us to make our site free to use and ensures that we are always up to date with everything within the casino industry.

As we see it, this is a model that works out for everyone. Nevertheless, you should consider Casino Vibez and all the content here on the site advertising. Please remain aware of this!

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I’m telling you, Casino Vibez is the place to be at! This is the most comprehensive overview of the best New Jersey online casinos that you will find anywhere on the market. Bookmark this site, and you’ll be sure to always have the best bonus offers and free spins deals close at hand! As you know, the next spin could be your winning spin!

Now, let’s cut through the chase – scroll your way to the top and explore my list on premium online casinos with New Jersey gambling license. Hit the jackpot before your neighbor does!

FAQ: Online gambling sites in USA

Is online gambling for real money legal in all US states?

No. Some states are yet to legalize online gambling for real money. Some of these states are not entirely against it, but at the same time, they are not for it either. However, some have decided to approve a section of online gambling like sports betting sites and exclude others like online poker and online casino. For the delight of US gamblers the number of legal online gambling sites is steadily growing.

What states allow which online gambling type?

Online gambling is yet to fully get the green light in all states. However, there are some states that have approved online gambling. States that allow online casinos include: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. States that allow online poker include: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Delaware. States that allow online sports betting sites include: New Jersey, Nevada, Rhode Island, Colorado, Indiana, West Virginia, Iowa, Oregon, Pennsylvania Montana, and New Hampshire.

Can I sign up for more than 1 online gambling site?

Absolutely! There are no restrictions on opening more than one online gambling site account. Some sites have better bonuses than others and whenever you come across such, feel free to register and claim their bonuses. Talking about bonuses, Casino Vibez has a list of casinos offering the best bonuses. Check them out and select as many casinos as you'd like.

Is it beneficial to gamble online?

Yes. Online gambling for real money has the potential to unveil to you a world of immense relaxation. It is mentally stimulating and exciting. If you are the type who enjoys challenges, there are tons of games that will tickle your fancy. If you prefer a non-competitive game, you will also find lots of them. To crown it all, you stand the chance of making real money when you win your bets.

What are the best online gambling real money sites?

The best online gambling sites USA can easily be found on our list at Casino Vibez. They are trustworthy, safe, and full of fun. Here are some of the best brands in the online gambling business: 888 Casino, Bet 365, Virgin Casino, Bovada Casino, Lucky Red Casino, Unibet, Tropicana, and Cafe Casino.

Can I trust the safety at US online gambling sites?

Not all online casinos are safe. You should only trust the legal online gambling sites recommended by Casino Vibez. Our endorsed casino brands are heavily encrypted with SSL technology and make use of top payment processors to keep your personal and financial information safe. In addition, they are all licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, which means that fair gaming and standard industry protocol are guaranteed for you.

Where can I get help with a gambling addiction?

Gambling addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of punters have experienced it and with the help of our recommended casinos, have been able to beat it. On the sites we recommend, you'll find a page dedicated to responsible gambling. They contain tools that will help you keep a check on your gambling activities to forestall any addiction. But if in the event a punter suffers gambling addiction, contacts of organizations that can help have been provided on the page.

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Tips to Play Safely on an Online Casino

It is possible to find the most secure online casino but still have your details stolen due to your carelessness. At Casino Vibez, we understand that our players play a role in avoiding data theft by hackers when gambling online. Some of the tips we have for you include the following:

Check your Bluetooth It doesn’t matter if you’re playing from your home or outside; you must turn off your Bluetooth before accessing an online casino. It doesn’t matter how secure the casino is; your Bluetooth can expose you to hackers.

Don’t Use Free Connections Playing on an online casino can be fun when you find yourself outside yourself with nothing else to do. This is only a great idea as long as you’re not connecting to a public network. These public connections often lack some layers of site security, which can make it unsafe to conduct transactions.

Update your Device Security Older devices are often easy prey for hackers. Therefore, you should ensure you update your antivirus regularly. This is an excellent solution for anyone that isn’t in the market for the latest device.

Create a Strong Password When setting up your casino account, you need to create a password that will be difficult to crack. A combination of letters, numbers, special characters, uppercase, and lowercase always works effectively. Regularly changing your password is another beneficial step to take.

Look for Reliable Casino Reviews When visiting an online casino for the first time, chances are, other players are visiting for the thousandth time. It is always a good idea to get the opinion of others regarding an online casino. You can also get your information from review sites like Casinovibez. You should ensure you visit trustworthy sites for this purpose.

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