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Casino Vibez is a unique comparison site that makes it safe and easy to find the best New Jersey casino gambling sites. With our state-of-the-art comparison tools and the assistance of gambling expert Rico Vice, you’ve set yourself up for the best casino experience possible.

We’ve got your back, so sit back, pour yourself a virgin daiquiri, and let the good times roll! At Casino Vibez it’s nothing but the best NJ online casinos, free online casino games, blackjack online, and larger-than life-jackpots!

Casino Vibez isn’t the only New Jersey casino guide out there, but it’s the only one that’s streetwise. This means that we’ve tested our sites and that we have a hotline to the New Jersey gambling sites represented here.

In other words, we know what’s going down when it comes to the best online casinos in New Jersey. If you’re looking for a trusted guide to real money online casino and new online casinos you’ve found it!

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Best NJ Online Casinos List in 2022

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Review criteria: How we find NJ online casinos

The online casino industry is ever-growing, with hundreds of new casinos springing up every day. When hunting for the right online casinos, credibility and reliability are two very important factors that should not be taken lightly. To that effect, At Casino Vibez, we look out for the best NJ online casinos that operate with a validated license from some recognized authority within all online gambling sites in USA.

We also take to heart the professionalism of the NJ online gambling site. Poorly-designed casinos with sparse game selection are usually left out of our recommendations.

Some factors we consider include:

Proper NJ Gambling License and Terms and Conditions: Any casino operating with a license from the New Jersey Gambling Division of Gaming Enforcement has been certified to abide by the gambling laws, and that they operate legitimately. To ensure the safety of our players, all the casinos we recommend have been fully verified by diverse licensing bodies.

Proper Selection of Games: We understand that a vast library of games is very important to players, as such, we make it a compulsory act to only recommend casinos with a mix combination of video slot, casino table games, and a live casino section and many more. We don’t settle for less!

Userbility & Interface: Proper arrangement and a user-friendly interface put some New Jersey online casinos way above others. At Casino Vibez, we look out for the best NJ online casino sites with a user-friendly interface and fast loading website. Casinos that fail in this area are never recommended by us.

Good Bonuses & Promotional Offers: We single out NJ online casino sites with the best bonuses, welcome offers, free spins, and promotional offers for punters. We also look for the bonus terms. Low wagering requirements, long validity periods, and no win-limits send good signals and we place these casinos above all others.

Mobile Accessibility & Experience: Mobile platforms are a must for casinos that hope to draw attention in the modern world. We highly rate operators with mobile-friendly sites that easily adapt to any mobile device without losing functionality. Casinos with mobile apps are even more convenient as they offer a more responsive mobile platform for gaming enthusiasts.

Customer Service: Online casinos in NJ offer varying levels of customer support. Some provide an extensive FAQ section. Others do more by including active email support and a live chat feature. At Casino Vibez, we pay close attention to this and only recommend casinos with diverse support options.

Banking Options: Gone are the days when you were only limited to options such as bank transfer, wire transfer, and cheques for online transactions. Presently, there are multiple ways to bank online and a lot of New Jersey online casino sites do take advantage of them. To make it to our list of recommendations, a casino must allow multiple deposit and withdrawal options with fast processing times.

Responsible Gambling: Gambling addiction is a big problem that can affect any player and lead to drastic effects. Due to this, NJ online casino gambling websites are meant to provide resources for players with gambling addiction and other related issues. These resources could be links to help organizations or lower betting limits on the player’s account. These online NJ casinos are usually our major priority.

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Online Gambling in New Jersey

When I learned from a guy at Florida night club that you can play online casino from your cellphone, I decided that I had to bring this wonderful new invention of online casino home to my people in New Jersey. I wouldn’t say that I was the man behind the 2013 legislation of online gambling in New Jersey, but I definitely helped open a door or two!

The New Jersey Gambling License is an important part of the online casino business. The reason being to secure your game experience and safety, when playing online. The year 2013 was the year that New Jersey legalized online gambling within its borders and made it possible for New Jersey online casino sites to obtain a gambling license. The reason for this new policy was to make the state of New Jersey more competitive within the online gambling industry while adding financial benefits to the state as well.

About the New Jersey Gambling License

The New Jersey Gambling license is granted by the Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

DGE was established in 1977 and its main objective is to protect the public interest by maintaining a legitimate and viable industry, free from the influences of organized crime, and assuring the honesty, good character and integrity of casino operators.

Online gambling in New Jersey is solely regulated by DGE. They are responsible for the following operations:

As you can probably guess it’s quite a bureaucratic process to get the New Jersey gambling license. However, this process is important to provide a safe and transparent online gambling environment for you. This is why Casino Vibez only cooperates with New Jersey online casinos that hold a valid license!

New Jersey Online Gambling Sites and Taxation

New Jersey was one of the frontrunners when it comes to online gambling in the US. Being a front runner also brings responsibilities. Part of that is to follow the laws that have been made by the government of New Jersey.

What does this mean exactly? It means that when you hit the jackpot, you can’t just cash in all the money and spend the rest of your life in Florida. Oh well, maybe, but first you are eligible to pay taxes depending on your winnings. In practice, this means that if your winnings exceed $5.000, the payer, you are eligible to pay a tax rate of 24%.

The online casino is required by law to withhold the federal tax. Additionally, this means that winnings below $5.000 are tax-free and this is also one of the reasons why the online casino industry in New Jersey is in such rapid development.

The different casino business in New Jersey are eligible to pay different taxes depending on their products:

The online casino industry in New Jersey is going through a hasty development and as a result of this, an increase of NJ online casinos will hopefully be seen in the following years. When casinos pay the renewal fee, taxes and players do so as well it secures a healthy and fair online gaming environment and safe casino sites.  And still, with or without tax, a win is extra money!

New Jersey Casinos Legal Age

The best New Jersey online casinos that hold a NJ gambling license will only allow users that meet the following requirements:

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Compare NJ Online Casinos

Sure I’ve got a samurai sword at home! They’re great for slicing oranges, excellent for self-defense, and decorative as heck! My samurai sword can even open beer bottles. It’s made from premium Japanese steel that has been folded over 100.000 times by a real ninja sensei. I bought it from TV-shop!

Anyway, it wasn’t my samurai sword I wanted to talk about – I want to talk about the unique comparison tools that I’ve built here for Casino Vibez because they’re possibly the only thing that’s sharper than my samurai sword!

See, the thing is I’ve found out that I’m darn good at building lists. I think it’s something that comes with my DJ experience or something, you know, I just have a sense of what fits together.

Every day I think deep and hard about how I can make Casino Vibez the best resource out there on New Jersey online gambling. I do this by developing new kick-ass comparison tools and snazzy lists.

For example, you could click the menu at the top of the page and check out my list of the newest New Jersey online casinos, my crazy-smart casino bonus calculator, or even my list of no deposit free spins. You can also read my comprehensive casino reviews. It’s never been easier to compare, gain overview, and find your samurai-short cut to the big jackpots!

Play at NJ Online Gambling Sites Only!

I have loads of good advice to give you, but if I was to pick out one gem among all others, it would be this: Play American!

I’m sorry to say so, and I don’t mean to brag, but everything American is better. We make better cars, better movies, better music… And we definitely also make better casinos. Heck, Americans invented Las Vegas! Americans even invented the slot machine!

You know American quality when you see it, and that also goes with NJ online gambling sites. Not only does American casinos provide you with the casino games you know and love: You are also guaranteed safe and fair gaming experiences. NJ-gambling license holders are required to have their site and games go through a rigid test to ensure fair gaming experiences and proper advertising.

This is not to say that all foreign casinos are bad. Brands that holds a Malta license can be perfectly fine, but American brands are still better, and they have one awesome advantage above all other casinos: Part of the money earned by the casinos go back to the American taxpayers. Beat that!

Online Gambling Sites in New Jersey – How do they Work?

An online casino works exactly like a brick and mortar casino, with the only exception that it’s all done digitally!

Online casino games functions via a so-called PRNG or Pseudo Random Number Generator. This is a mathematical algorithm that can simulate the outcomes of any game of chance – for example a roulette or a slot machine!

With an RNG, there’s basically no limit to what you can do. This has led to the development of a ton of exciting online games, a lot more than you will find at a brick and mortar casino.

Actually, even Las Vegas casinos have for a large part gone over to using RNG-software in their slot games instead of mechanical slots, simply because it’s safer, easier, and more entertaining for the players. In this way, there is not really that big of a difference from playing online and playing at a real casino. Still, playing online has some major advantages to it!

Advantages to Playing at NJ Online Casinos

Playing online may lack some of that authentic feeling of being at a casino in Vegas or Macau, but it certainly also has some major advantages. Let us mention a few:

Higher Pay-Out Percentages

You may have heard about this before, and the rumor holds true: Online casino games generally have higher payout percentages than games at a brick and mortar casino. Especially, the slot games are much more generous online, and often NJ online slots have a pay-out of more than 96%.

No Combs and Entrance Fees

Online casinos are perfectly free to play at – not like a brick and mortar casino where you will often pay to get in and expected to give combs to the dealer if you win. Your money will go a long way online, and you may even get the opportunity to play free online casino games!

Play Anytime, Anywhere

Once you have found an online casino you like and opened an account, jackpots are never far away. The best New Jersey online casinos are accessible from your smartphones, meaning that you can play anywhere you feel like it. And of course, online casinos NJ sites are open 24/7.

Go Bonus Hunting

Something that is quite characteristic of New Jersey online casinos is the bonuses that they offer to new and existing players alike. The competition is higher online, meaning that the casinos go to greater length to attract customers with free spins and bonus codes. Not all casino bonuses are a scoop, but there are definitely some killer deals out there!

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Pros & Cons: NJ Online Casinos

Online gambling in New Jersey is completely legal and is a great way to pass time and earn payouts. Before you get started at any of our listed NJ sites be sure you are aware of all pros and cons to gambling online. We provide a list so you can see whether you will benefit from playing at NJ casinos and will be aware of the drawbacks associated with New Jersey online gambling.


  • NJ casino sites are 100% licensed and completely secure
  • Payments are conducted through encryption software for security
  • Enjoy great paying bonus offers
  • Access hundreds of games from slots to live dealer options


  • Bonuses will come with wagering requirements
  • Not all sites accept the same payment methods
  • You must be located in New Jersey to place real money wagers
  • There is a risk of losing money and developing gambling problems

What Casino Games are allowed in New Jersey?

There are a ton of exciting casino games out there waiting to be explored. The invention of Random Number Generators has allowed the game providers unmatched freedom and creativity, giving them the freedom to provide everyone with games that suit that taste. However, there are limits to what is legal to offer to players (no find-the-ball-under-a-cup!).

The following games are allowed at casinos with a New Jersey gambling license:

Be aware that many of these games are available as live casino games, where you play against a real dealer and not a computer. Pick your favorite game, find the right casino, and let the fun times begin!

Guide: How to find the best NJ licensed casino

Our list of trusted NJ casinos consists of options that have met all our criteria and offer the best of features such as bonuses, payment options, and reliable customer support.

When scanning our list for a casino that aligns with your gaming habits, there are several factors to consider that will help you with your search. Proper licensing, good game selection, and easy signup process are some important factors that highlight a reliable casino.

To find the best NJ licensed Casino, follow these steps:
Estimated time needed: 00:02 Tools needed: Supply needed: TimeLocation: New Jersey21 years in the backpack
new jersey licensed casino list
Use NJ online casino list to compare (all are NJ licensed) At Casino Vibez, we have done all the hard work for you. We have created a list of fully licensed NJ casinos available for residents of New Jersey. All you need to do is browse through our NJ online casinos list and choose the one that meets your taste. Step 1
Read bonus terms and conditions before accepting a casino bonus
Check bonuses terms & wagering requirements After choosing the casino(s) that meet your taste, check out the bonus terms and wagering requirements. If you can’t meet the wagering requirements, search for another casino from our list. Step 2
Sign up at online casino
Signup as a casino player After choosing an online casino with wagering requirements that you can fulfill, click on the website link, and sign up. You’ll be required to provide your email, password, and username, in some cases. Keep in mind that legal gambling age in NJ is 21+. Step 3
Play casinos & place bets
Go place some bets - Good luck! At this point, everything is all set. You can now browse through the casino’s game list and pick your favorite titles and start playing! Step 4

New NJ Online Casinos in January

We review the best NJ online casinos

At Casino Vibez, our extensive reviews cover all the reputable casinos you would ever come across in NJ. We go deep to reveal the absolute truth. Our reviews detail just what you should expect when you sign up on an NJ online casino.

Whether you consider the game selection of a casino to be a clincher in your search for a favorable casino, or you prefer a bountiful welcome bonus package, our reviews will give you invaluable information that will help you with your final decision.

Free online casino VS Real money online casino in NJ

For punters looking to earn extra bucks, a real money online casino is where the fun really is, however, free online casinos do serve an important purpose too. By free, we mean you won’t be cashing out on any stakes even when you make a win. If you visit NJ online casinos for the thrills rather than the winnings that come with them, then these free online casinos should give you all the excitement you need.

But free online casinos in NJ aren’t just for thrill-seeking players alone. These casinos can offer as many as 8,000 free games (mostly slots). If you are a beginner, you can increase your chances of winning in real money online casinos by trying out the free ones. You can use these free games to develop a strategy and learn the rules of the games.

You won’t have to deposit cash to play a game in a free online casino and for the most part, you don’t have to register to play any of their available games.

Overall, free online casinos should give fun-seekers all the excitement they need and prepare beginners for real money online casinos.

Bonuses and promotions are one of the main attractions of casinos. This is why lots of casinos introduce new promotional offers from time to time, as a way to attract new players and also keep existing players hooked to their site.

Regardless of how unique a casino tries to portray itself, it usually offers incentives similar to those on other casinos. Though the figures and requirements may vary, the following promotions have become a common sight in the best NJ online casinos. Below are some popular NJ online casino promotions:

Signup bonus

Signup bonuses or welcome packages are the headliners of all casino bonuses. This bonus is so important that it can determine if a player would be enticed to sign up on a casino or not. Casinos in the industry try to outdo each other by not only offering alluring match bonuses but also impressive bonus terms and conditions. The signup bonus is usually claimed by a player when they sign up to a site and make a deposit. Some sites, however, can offer players bonuses for signing up only. This bonus is known as a No Deposit bonus.

NJ casino promo & bonus codes

Casino promo and bonus codes are a block of numbers made available to players to claim bonuses and promotional offers. These days, you can claim casino bonuses with the click of a button, but there are still tons of NJ casino promo & bonus codes out there that offer you exclusive rights to some awesome casino bonuses.

NJ online casino no deposit

The NJ online casino no deposit bonus is every player’s dream. To claim this bonus, all you would have to do is sign up on the casino. There are no deposits or gameplay required before you can claim your bonus. The catch is that this type of bonus often comes with impractical bonus terms. High wagering requirements, short validity periods, and steep win limits are some things you’d have to deal with if you ever get this bonus.

Responsible Gambling in New Jersey

Responsible gambling policies are a norm in leading online casinos in New Jersey. These policies ensure that while players have fun, they do not go overboard by staking assets they can’t afford to lose with the hope of generating income.

While gambling policies offered by NJ online casinos differ, there are some rules that are static for every operator. Some of them include:

FAQ: New Jersey Online Casino sites

Can I play at NJ online casinos if I don’t live in New Jersey?

Yes, online casinos are open to all players as long as they live within eligible regions. There are several NJ online casinos that accept players from other states and even other countries. Make sure to check if your state or country is accepted by the casino before signing up.

How can the casino know if I'm in New Jersey or not?

Casinos in NJ employ several security measures like tracking IP addresses to know if a user is within the region. Users from ineligible countries or states are usually restricted from accessing the website.

Do I need to pay tax on my winnings?

Yes, online gambling NJ winnings are taxable and your winnings can be reported to the IRS. Specifically, casinos in NJ will report winnings over $1,200 on slots and video poker. Nevertheless, you would still have to report your winnings to the IRS whether the casino does that or not.

Can I play Poker and Betting online in NJ as well?

Yes. There are several online casinos in NJ where you can enjoy a game of poker and still make bets on other sports without restrictions. These casinos are usually the big players in the industry and they offer the most extensive game selection and sportsbook you will ever come across.

Do NJ online casinos keep my personal data and banking info safe?

Yes. NJ online casinos are required to have security policies in place to ensure the safety of their players. These casinos apply SSL certificates, state-of-art encryption in payment pages, and other security measures to keep their users’ private information from unauthorized parties. They also provide several verification systems to allow players to secure their accounts and keep their information safe.

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