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If you’re based in the US and need to play at an online casino that handles payments without hassle, then you need a Paysafecard online casino.

Paysafecard casinos remove every complication associated with online casino payments. They allow players to carry out transactions that are secure and reliable with perfect ease and players are not required to share their bank details or personal information. On top of that, they get to enjoy top-notch security, instant deposits, and low transfer fees.

On this page, we have compiled a list of top-performing Paysafe casinos online USA for your pleasure. Go through them and make a selection to get started.

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The Best Casino Sites that Accept Paysafecard

Definition: What is a Paysafecard online casino?

A Paysafe card is a renowned payment method used to deposit funds at an online casino.

Paysafecard originates from Austria and currently ranks as one of the fastest methods to make payments at an online casino. Think of Paysafecard as a regular prepaid card, but without your bank account or personal details linked to it. The card itself is a standalone voucher card. It contains a 16 digits pin code and can be bought at physical stores or online.

To make payments using Paysafecard, you’re required to enter the unique 16 digits pin code at the online casino of your choice, and the amount you want to deposit would be deducted. Pretty easy right?

Withdrawal Times

Withdrawal times do not last long when using the Paysafecard option on Paysafecard casino. After logging in and selecting Paysafecard, you’ll need to provide the necessary document ID (the Paysafecard MasterCard) to initiate the withdrawal. It usually takes up to eleven business days before the funds are reflected in your bank account.

Guide: How to use Paysafecard for casino deposits

Making deposits using Paysafecard is very simple. In fact, it can be likened to using a debit or credit card. Simply type in your unique code, and voila! Payments have been made. Payments with Paysafecard are processed in seconds, and the best part is, you don’t have to share your personal information or bank details.

If you wish to make a casino Paysafecard deposit, this is how to go about it:
Estimated time needed: 00:02 Tools needed: Paysafecard retailer/merchantLaptop Supply needed: MoneyInternet
Get paysafecard code
Aquire Paysafecard & pin code Of course, in order to make payments using Paysafecard, you’ll need to have a voucher. To get the Paysafecard voucher, you can either choose to visit the nearest sales outlet close to you or go online. Regardless of the route you choose, whatever amount you pay for is what will appear on the code. No extra charges are applied. Step 1
Check and compare paysafecard casino sites
Find a Paysafecard Casino The best casino sites that accept Paysafecard are listed on this page. Check them out and compare their bonuses to make a selection. Once you do, sign up for an account. Casino Vibez is the perfect place to find top-rated Paysafecard casinos that are reliable and trustworthy. Step 2
Choose paysafecard casino deposits
Select Paysafecard deposit methods Visit the cashier page of the Paysafecard casino and select Paysafecard as your preferred deposit method. Then follow the displayed instructions to make your payment. Step 3
Active paysafecard pin code
Enter code After getting the code, use the Paysafecard code to complete your transaction. Your deposit can be as little as $10 or go as high as $1,000. This is easily achieved by combining multiple Paysafecard codes. Step 4
Play online casino with paysafe deposits
Enjoy the casino games! Now that your transactions are done, choose any casino game of your choice and start playing instantly. Have fun and good luck! Step 5

Paysafe Casino Withdrawals

The best Paysafecard casinos use only the best and most reliable withdrawal methods. This allows their customers to get the best service, ensuring all their transactions are secure from cyber theft. Sites that accept Paysafecard are many; you’ll be spoiled for the choice of picking sites that offer a withdrawal option.

Paysafecard sign up, registration & login

Paysafecard is an online payment solution that is designed to function as a prepaid card. This card can be used for online shopping, online gambling, and virtually any transaction conducted on the internet. You can easily purchase Paysafecard vouchers at sales outlets in the US. If you choose to buy the vouchers online, that’s equally easy. Are you looking to own a Paysafecard? Follow these steps to buy and activate your Paysafecard.

How we Rate Banking Methods

When reviewing the banking methods we recommend to readers, there are fundamental pointers we look out for. Many online casinos use paysafecard as part of their banking methods, but they also list others. If you’re ever considering playing at a new Paysafe casino, here are some factors we look out for.

Background and Safety

A crucial point of considering any payment method is their background information. While it may not look necessary to know the background information, getting an idea of how the company started is essential to see if it’s reliable. Safety of their processes, especially their website, is essential.

Depositing Funds

Depositing funds should be easy and seamless as possible. When we review banking methods, the time required to process the request and the fees included is essential. A majority of all deposit processes are instant; even the online casino Paysafecard deposit method is instant. There are usually no extra fees charged. If charged, it should be negligible.

Customer Support

All online processes may generate issues at one time or another. What separates the best businesses is the active customer support to attend to inquiries and queries. Sites that accept Paysafecard consider other banking methods with active customer service, with different modes available. They should also be available 24/7.

Payout Times

Withdrawal of cash prizes from Paysafe casinos is an integral point. When we review all banking options, we consider the best payment methods that process all withdrawal requests within the shortest time possible.

The shorter the time, the higher the preference we give to them. Some methods last up to 3 working days before they approve requests.


Many banking methods come with transaction fees for both deposits and withdrawals. However, top payment methods like Paysafecard are free to use. However, we choose banking methods that offer little to no extra fees when processing financial transactions.

Cashing out Winnings

Before we recommend a payment method, we consider how fast it is to cash out winnings. Those that are faster with the least stress make it higher on our list as this is a very crucial aspect for players.

Paysafecard Casino Types

Different Paysafe casinos accept Paysafecard as an integral part of their payment methods. While Paysafecard may be confusing, you should understand that using a Paysafecard gives you the liberty of not entering your financial information. Here are some types of casinos that offer Paysafecard.

Mobile Casinos that accept Paysafecard

The best Paysafecard casinos also offer their services in a mobile setting. Their mobile feature allows you to deposit and withdraw via Paysafecard from the comfort of your mobile device, whether Android, Apple, or even tablet. Not all have native mobile apps, though, but you can access them from your mobile browser.

Live Casinos that Accept Paysafecard

Live casinos are also available on online casinos. Many Paysafe casinos with a live casino feature allow their players to use Paysafecard as a payment method. It’s now a secure way of ensuring the live casino players do not pay additional fees when depositing or withdrawing from their accounts. It also allows them to not miss a game because of extra processing time.

New Casinos that accept Paysafecard

New Paysafe casinos just launched, list Paysafecard as a banking option. Besides the fact that Paysafecard is easy to use, reliable, and popular among casino players, they offer free administrative fees. New sites that accept Paysafecard also take advantage of the nice Paysafe bonus as incentives for new players.

PROs & CONs: Using Paysafecard for online casino deposits

The use of Paysafecard vouchers on online casinos have many benefits. Paysafe prepaid cards keep players anonymous and protect their private and financial details from third parties.

With Paysafecard, you are also guaranteed swift transfers, unmatched safety, and transactions with many credit cards. Lots of online casinos claim to support Paysafecard, but there's only one way for you to be sure and that is by reading our reviews.

Go through our website to find online casinos that support Paysafecard. Besides, every casino on our list accepts Paysafecard.


  • Safe online payments
  • Most top online casinos accept it
  • Mobile apps are user-friendly
  • No extra charges


  • It cost more to buy codes online
  • Small deposit limit
  • Vouchers are only sold in selected stores
  • Unavailable in many countries

Paysafecard Casino Bonuses

There are different bonus offers Paysafecard casinos offer its customers. While many online casinos may want to combine the Paysafe bonus with other promotions, sites that accept Paysafecard can give you better offers from Paysafecard. Some of them include:

Safety and Security at Paysafe Casinos

Paysafecard casinos have many security frameworks in place for their customers. This is important with the high rate of information theft on the internet today. Asides from their own protection, Paysafecard also has an inbuilt protection system.

Licenses and Legitimacy

All the best Paysafecard casinos are licensed by top regulatory bodies globally. A crucial part of using Paysafecard as a payment method includes showing proof of license. The license shows that the casino is legitimate and won’t run away with your money wagered on its platform.

Auditors and Encryption

Paysafecard casinos ensure that they have updated SSL encryption framework on their site. This encryption provides protection against cybercriminals. In addition, the games offered come installed with a Random Number Generator to ensure fairness. They are also tested and audited by external laboratories to ensure there is no manipulation.

Personal Data Protection

Paysafecard casinos offer personal data protection for all their players. While Paysafecard does not require personal financial information, other methods may do. Sites that accept Paysafecard ensure that their security framework is protected from information theft.

Fees & expenses

When it comes to fees and charges, players using Paysafecard are not required to pay extra. Paysafecard is completely free with no added charges. The amount you pay in exchange for the voucher is exactly what will reflect on your prepaid card.

In terms of deposits, some online casinos might charge you deposit fees per transaction.

Ensure your Paysafecard account is not left inactive for over 24 months. The service charges a monthly fee of $2 for all accounts that haven’t been used in 2 years. Take note, this monthly fee would be charged on the third year of inactivity.

Additionally, the service deducts a fee of $7.50 if a refund is paid to your card. Currency conversion transactions will naturally attract a conversion fee.

Alternatives to Paysafecard casino payments

In case you’re looking for Paysafecard alternatives that you can adopt as your payment method, then there are a whole lot of options to choose from. These banking methods process payment transactions in a few minutes. Listed below are some popular options:

TL;DR: Paysafecard casino in a nutshell

The advent of Paysafecard to online casinos has changed how payments are made on these platforms. Years ago, players had to provide their personal details before depositing money at an online casino. This process included waiting for the long hours before each deposit transaction is processed. Thankfully, the whole experience is different and a lot better with Paysafecard. Without having to give out your details, you can easily make payments with Paysafecard at an online casino in minutes.

Paysafecard is a 16 digit voucher card that can be purchased at a sales outlet or online. US players can easily find different Paysafecard accredited stores scattered around the country. Once gotten, simply input the code and the deposit amount would reflect on your online casino account immediately.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our curated list of casino sites that accept Paysafecard. Pick one and register to enjoy unparalleled security and convenience while gambling.

FAQ: Paysafecard Casinos Online

Does all online casinos in US accept Paysafecard deposits?

Ever since Paysafecard made its debut in the US, many online casinos included it as one of their payment options. However, there are still some casinos that are yet to support Paysafecard. They only way to be sure if a casino accepts Paysafecard is to search for it on Casino Vibez. We have a list of Paysafecard casinos in the US and if the casino isn't on the list, chances are that it doesn't support Paysafecard. Not to worry, there are numerous Paysafecard casinos you can select from our list.

Is it safe to make Paysafecard casino deposits?

Yes, Paysafecard casinos do not ask for your banking details during account funding. This alone makes your deposit very safe and secure. Paysafecard helps to keep players' details private without any risks involved whatsoever.

Can I withdraw my winnings to my Paysafecard?

Yes, players can make a withdrawal request to their Paysafecard account by entering their registered email address. Once paid, players can either use the funds for other online payments or withdraw them at an ATM using Paysafecard MasterCard.

Are there any fees associated with Paysafecard?

Opening a Paysafecard account is free. However, some charges might apply during currency conversion and also when the card stays inactive for a long time.

Can I use Paysafecard in all countries?

No, Paysafecard does not have a presence in every country of the world. Right now, countries that accept Paysafecard are over 40. But plans are on the way to expand the services of Paysafecard to more territories.

Can I buy Paysafecard online?

Yes, you can purchase Paysafecard PINs in the official online PIN shop. With your credit card, direct banking, or bank transfer, you can buy Paysafecard online from the comfort of your home.

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Benefits of Playing in the Best Paysafecard Casinos

Paysafecard is a great choice for casino players who place a high value on their anonymity and security when playing online games. It is a prepaid payment method used in over 40 countries, spanning 5 continents. There are numerous Paysafecard casinos all over the world, so you don’t need to worry to get one of your choices. How the Best Paysafecard Casinos Work Once you’re able to get the best Paysafecard casino, you need to sign up or log if is you have an account already. You can then enter your Paysafecard details to make a deposit. Customers will have to purchase vouchers worth the amount they wish to deposit. Then Paysafecard sends the customer PIN consisting of a 16-digit code. The minimum amount players can deposit depends on the Paysafecard casino but $10 is most common. Deposits are instant and players enjoy anonymity. To withdraw is also easy. Login to your Paysafecard casino account page and select Paysafecard as your withdrawal option. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and put in your email address for verification. The funds will then be credited into your Paysafecard account balance. You can use your funds to make online purchases from accepted stores or withdraw directly using Paysafecard Mastercard. Benefits of the Best Paysafecard Casinos There are benefits players enjoy when they play games at the best Paysafecard casinos. Players are offered deposit bonuses depending on the online casino. Other benefits include: • Players’ personal details are safe as they only need the 16-digit prepaid PIN to make deposits. • No extra charges or fees. • It supports multi-currency. • Fully optimized for mobile casinos. • Paysafecard vouchers can be purchased anywhere. • It is accepted worldwide. The disadvantage of Paysafecard casinos • Smaller deposits options

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