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Hey there, I’m so glad you stopped by. If you’re in need of the top online casinos that offer free spins, then look no further. My calculator sources the very best free spin offerings that online casinos can provide. Feel free to scroll down and look over the compilation of online casinos to find the free spin bundle that best meets your needs. Don’t worry, I have thoroughly vetted all of the casinos on my list, so you can be assured that they are all legitimate businesses. Now, let’s get onto exploring free spins. Show more

Top 15 Casino Bonuses

What Is A Free Spin?

The term free spin entails offering a player the chance to play a few rounds on a slot machine within an online casino platform. If this sounds absolutely marvelous to you, I have some bad news. Unfortunately, the term free can be used a little too strongly in some cases, as casinos do have a band of regulations surrounding their bonuses. Notably, you may be required to use a certain amount of your own money on the platform in various betting activities and games before you are eligible to use your free spins. Alternatively, you may be able to access the free spin bonus immediately, however, you may be required to spend a certain amount of your own money on the casino platform before you are able to access any of the money you win because of the free spins.

Best Free Spins

Now onto the free spins casino bonus, I mentioned the regulations that underpin the free spins, well they are very real. For example, there is no set standard as to the value of what all bonuses in the online casino industry should entail. It’s because of a large amount of fluctuation between the online casino platforms. On the one hand this is good because it creates a competitive environment for online casinos where they compete with each other for player retention, by providing excellent free slot machines with free spins and many other offerings. However, on the other hand, there is also the reality that a large portion of hunting is required on the behalf of a player to find the best deals, especially due to all of the surrounding terms and conditions. The extreme disparities in value mean that one online casino may offer 10 free spins and another may offer 50, however due to the setup of the accompany policies the 10 free spins may be more valuable than the 50.


What Can I Use Free Spins For?

Spinning is an activity that is associated with the turn of a roulette wheel and of course, the slot machines. However, free spins, especially free spins no deposit required, are usually restricted to certain slot machine games on the online casino platform. This means that you will not be able to use or trade this bonus for any other game on the online casino platform. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as it does give you the chance to acquaint yourself with new games and broaden your experience on the online casino platform.

Free Spins No Deposit

Perhaps you’re extremely fortunate and you’ve stumbled upon a legitimate casino that is also a no deposit casino – meaning that you can play online casino games after creating a profile on their platform. This is usually done by them offering you a certain amount of free spins which you can then use on a select offering of slot machines on their website, but you will not be able to use these free spins on any other games featured on their platform. This does not mean that you will never be required to deposit any funds on the platform, for example a 50 free spins no deposit bonus, would entitle you to 50 free spins without initially making a deposit. However, once the spins are up, you will need to deposit funds if you wish to continue playing.

Free Spins No Wagering

It has been quite recent that many online casinos have started to play around with the idea of eliminating the minimum amount of money a player is required to bet on the platform in order to gain access to a bonus, such as free spins. Therefore, if you are keen to take advantage of this particular scenario know that you are entirely capable of finding an online casino that will provide free spins with no wagering stipulation. Yet, there may be an alternative form of restriction, in that there may be a cap on the total amount that you are eligible to win from the online casino platform.

Promotional Free Spins

If you are worried that you, as a player, would only be eligible to receive free spins and other casino bonuses when you sign up to a casino platform or make your initial deposit, then stop fretting. The vast majority of casinos have strong loyalty programs where they go out of their way to look after their most consistent players. In addition, the online casino players who are members of their affiliate programs may be rewarded with bonuses, such as free spins, in addition to other rewards. Finally, many online casino players on the platform may be entitled to free spins should a new slot game be posted onto the online casino platform, as a way to drum up excitement for the new slot game.


Other Bonuses

Online casinos have many different bonuses available and reward players for all different types of behaviors. From registering on the platform to downloading the online casino’s mobile app, you can bet your bottom dollar that there is a bonus for you. There are bonuses such as the provision of 50% of your initial deposit. Some will even do cash rewards for standout players and others are tied to milestones, such as a welcome bonus. The almost de facto standard for the provision of bonuses to players is through free spins, although, the free spins bonus will differ from casino to casino in terms of regulation which is why it is so essential to always check up on the terms and conditions.

Read Carefully

Terms and conditions. The idea of thoroughly analyzing something most people skip over at any given opportunity seems almost as if it is a foreign concept. After all when was the last time you read the terms and conditions for your latest software update? If we’re all being honest here, the answer most of us would give, is that we didn’t even bother to read it. We simply scrolled down the list as fast as possible and then checked the agree box.

If you were hoping to implement this same strategy within the world of online casinos and online casino bonuses, then you will be sorry. For the most part, online casino platforms are working hard on formulating attractive bonuses with reasonable regulations. However, you do not want to be knackered into terms and conditions where you received 50 free spins but you have a wagering requirement that is so high, you will spend a fortune just attempting to get a hold of it. Moral of the story – read the terms and conditions, thoroughly!

Find Your Favorite Casino Today

If my last point made your palms sweaty and your doubts grow, that’s completely fine. It’s reasonable to be a little stressed, terms and conditions can make even the best of us fold. However, that is never a reason to give in, especially when there are free spins and even free spins no deposit bonuses on the table. So if you are ready to give it all you got, then why not head out and hunt for your future best casino today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Spins

Are free spin bonuses truly free?

Not necessarily, the answer is not valid across the board as it is dependent on the individual online casino bonus’s terms and conditions. Yet, there may be a minimum amount you are required to put down on other games on the site in order to gain access to either the bonus or to the winnings directly attributable to the bonus.

Can I use my free spins on any game?

No, free spin bonuses are valid only for pre-identified slot games on the online casino platform. This means that they cannot be traded or used in any other game on the platform.

How do I get an online casino bonus?

As a general rule, you can typically expect to receive your first online casino bonus simply by registering a profile on an online casino’s website.

How do I receive loyalty bonuses?

Each online casino will specify this in their policies. There are some casinos that will mandate a certain amount of points in order to be eligible for bonuses, while others will require a certain amount of time active on the casino platform.

How do I check if an online casino platform is legitimate?

Verify their license information and any other information relating to their business. Also check out previous players reviews for some insight into the functioning’s of their platform.

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