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Who is Behind CasinoVibez?

We understand you want to know who is behind the information being offered at CasinoVibez. We have a talented team of authors and editors that work to deliver you with factual information. Over the years, we have expanded our articles to cover various aspects of gambling online. Our success could not have been achieved without our dedicated team of writers and editors. These are the people behind the scenes that make it possible for you to have access to the latest news, reviews, strategies, and more!

Meet the Team

Here, you can learn a bit about our team of writers. We only take on the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals that have a passion for gaming and a knack for writing. Check out our CasinoVibez experts and learn about their backgrounds and experiences.


Ivan has years of experience within the gambling industry and can provide great advice for players looking to play online. He has knowledge of the different games available and can provide personal experiences. Ivan is a high roller who plays at leading online sites and has played every type of casino game.

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Vanessa is well-versed when it comes to online casinos, whether it is about poker games or slots. From New Jersey, Vanessa has played in land casinos as well as at online sites and also frequents Vegas to enjoy playing at the tables.

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Brian is a seasoned blackjack player that shares his knowledge and experience with others. He can provide all of the latest information on the gambling scene and even knows how to count cards! Check out some strategy guides from Brian and perfect your game.

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Zack has gathered information about how online casinos work and shares his knowledge with readers. If you have questions about how sites operate and what they have to offer, Zack is your guy.

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Edna has spent much of her free time testing different casino strategies and reporting the outcomes. If you are curious about using a strategy, be sure to check out Edna’s articles on Casino Vibez.

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Jenn has been covering the iGaming industry for more than 10 years. She has been a major contributor and has a passion for gambling as well as the legal aspects of online play.

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Questions for the Team?

If you have any questions, comments, or even advice for our editorial team, do not hesitate to reach out. We also want to hear of any errors, mistakes, or any other corrections that may be needed in any of our published articles. While we are a team of experts, we do make mistakes. Feedback from our readers is one way we can ensure we deliver top-notch content.

Meet the Team FAQs

Where is the team at CasinoVibez based?

We have a diverse team of writers and editors that reside around the globe. While many of our members are from the US, we also welcome those from other countries. We want to ensure that we take on members that are among the best in the industry. Having writers from various countries allows us to expand on topics and provide a worldwide perspective. 

Can I join the team?

At CasinoVibez, we are always looking to add qualified and talented members to our team. Whether you are a freelance writer or a seasoned editor, we have opportunities. As a member of the team, you will be targeting US gamblers and must have knowledge of US gambling laws, casino bonuses, game variants, and online casinos. Want to join our team? Send an email to our support team and take the first step to a new and exciting career. » Authors and Editors at Casino Vibez
Last updated: 24/01/2023