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Hey there, I’m so glad you’ve stopped by. Today we are discussing the extremely exciting but ultimately deeply misunderstood topic of casino bonuses. Why is there so much confusion surrounding casino bonuses? Well, it is hard to pinpoint the exact factor, but it’s probably got something to do with the huge variety of bonuses up for grabs and the features of each unique type of bonus. So, if you’re ready to learn more about casino bonus codes, welcome bonuses and everything else- you’ve come to the right place! Get the know-how to use them to your advantage, just keep reading! Show more

Biggest Casino Bonuses

What To Expect From A Casino Bonus?

The most common type of casino bonus that any player can ever expect to receive is known as welcome bonus casino platforms offer these to all players in exchange for signing up and creating a profile on their platform. This functions in a similar way to how online shopping platforms promise prospective shoppers a discount code if they sign up to the email newsletters sent via their platform.

One example of a welcome bonus offer that a casino platform may be promoting is free casino slot games with bonus rounds. Of course, the playing of games themselves will not be a free activity, but rather a player will a limited number of free spins on the slot machines. Unfortunately, as with all things, there are terms and conditions attached that must be reviewed thoroughly before committing to any kind of bonus. In addition, the free spins will be designated to particular slot games, usually the most popular ones on the platform, so you can be assured of a great experience.

A key factor that is often overlooked with bonuses is the wagering requirements, these can be defined as the amount of money that you are required to stake in bets on the online casino platform prior to you accessing either the bonus or any winnings incurred due to the bonus. It is extremely important to check out the terms and conditions prior to accepting a bonus, because if the wagering requirement is unrealistically high. then you may be unwilling to ever actually make use of it. However, it should be noted that the casino industry has gone to great lengths to continually improve the bonus offerings and this includes the aspect of wagering requirements.

Different Types Of Bonuses

In an online casino free signup bonus real money is something most players would want to win and play with. There are many different types of bonuses on offer to players, the most common are welcome bonuses but initial deposit bonuses also exist, deposit matching bonuses, no deposit bonuses are especially prized but a rarity. In addition, the online casino industry has tried to implement policies so that players will recuperate some of the losses they may incur by creating cashback bonuses so that these players can regain at least a portion of their losses.

Yet, as I’ve previously mentioned free spins are certainly the most common way to give out bonuses. Players can also gain bonuses for being a consistent player, or for being a member of the online casino’s affiliate program. In addition, when online casinos are launching new games or are attempting to drum up hype for a new feature, they will usually gift current players free trials of the game so that they are able to test it out.


The Less Roll Over, The Better The Bonus

Terms and conditions, who knew that three little words could stand out so much within the multitude of transactions. Terms and conditions are everywhere; look on the back of your till slip, try to do some online shopping, or perhaps check out the so-called fine print on any of your contractual documents. Yes, they truly are everywhere. In fact, terms and conditions have even invaded the ever-exciting world of online casinos. Did you know that there are certain online casinos where they maintain the right to nullify any winnings begotten directly from a bonus? Well, that’s why it is so important to read the terms and conditions beforehand.

In addition, the roll over is the mechanism for which the wagering requirement is measured by – this is also specified in the terms and conditions. Ultimately, if the roll over for a particular bonus is lower than a similar type of casino bonus offers then the bonus with the lower rollover is the better choice. For example, if in a welcome bonus casino A offers 20 free spins with a 12x rollover (12x an amount must be bet) and casino B offers 10 free spins with a 5x rollover, then you should choose casino B.

Casino Bonus Without Deposit

A no deposit bonus is a bonus whereby you create an account on an online casino platform, but you do not transfer any monetary funds in any currency, not even a cryptocurrency, into the account. After that you may receive an offer for a no deposit casino bonus, which some may argue is the best casino bonus.

Use A Bonus To Explore New Games

If you feel like you’ve somehow landed into something of a rut and are eager to try out some new things, then an online casino bonus may just be the answer for you. An online casino bonus could introduce you to slot machines that you have never explored before or open you up to newly debuting games. In addition, due to the supplication of additional money into your online casino account due to a matching bonus or a cash back bonus, you effectively have a new source of money into your online profile. This means that you can try more things, develop a greater skill set and take your mind off by experimenting with different online casino games.

Benefits And Downsides Of Casino Bonuses


  • Prospect of being entered into a draw to win a significant jackpot
  • A matching bonus raises the sum of money in your account and thus raises your chance to win
  • Try new games
  • Improve gaming skills


  • Wagering requirements – the number of times you must bet your own money before gaining access to a bonus deal
  • Cashout limit – a maximum amount of your winnings incurred with a bonus that you may withdraw
  • Can expire

All of the information pertaining to the casino bonus (basically everything in the downside column) can be found within the terms and conditions accompanying each and every bonus offer.

Have A Look At My List!

Whether you’re looking for no deposit bonuses or online casino with free signup bonus real money USA has a lot to offer. Now that you are clued up on online casino bonuses, their positives and negatives as well as what you can expect from them, there is only one thing left to do. It is time for you to check out my list of top online casino bonuses and see if there are any that make you eager to get in the game. Till next time, keep playing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casino Bonuses

Do I have to deposit money to get a bonus offer?

Not necessarily, there are some online casino platforms that offer no deposit bonuses. However, be sure to check the terms and conditions for a rollover requirement, as this could stipulate that you bet a certain proportion of your own money before you get access to the bonus offer.

What do I do if I do not understand the terms and conditions surrounding a casino bonus?

If you are struggling with the jargon within the terms and conditions, then simply call or email the support service for the online casino platform who is offering the casino bonus. The support staff should be able to clear up any misunderstandings and provide direction on any areas that require choices to be made.

I’ve won money but I used spins from my bonus code, can I withdraw the money?

Not necessarily, you will have to check through the terms and conditions surrounding the bonus code type. However, it should be noted that at times online casinos have reserved the ability to mandate that winnings brought about by bonus codes are not kept by the players.

How many times can I use a particular casino bonus?

This is of course dependent on the terms and conditions for that particular bonus code, however it is generally deemed that a casino bonus – regardless of the type – is typically only meant to be redeemed by a player once. Unless, of course, the online casino platform is engaging in a form of marketing for a new game or feature, in which you may be able to use that type of bonus many times over.

Can I use a casino bonus for my phone?

Since many online casino platforms are not only smartphone compatible now, but also have their own smartphone applications either live or soon to be created, this too means that bonus codes are available on phones. Sometimes casinos may offer particular bonuses only to phone users, but typically the bonus codes that work within the internet browser of your desktop PC should also work on your smartphone.

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