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Your use of the CasinoVibez website and any provided services will be governed by the following terms and conditions. You agree that all terms have been read and that you agree to conditions when accessing the site. If you disagree with any terms, you will not be authorized to access the website or any provided services.


CasinoVibez operates in compliance with all of the latest gambling laws in the United States. Since there are no federal laws, each state has the ability to license online websites. W only promote sites that have a valid license and adhere to gambling laws. If you are accessing the website from another country, it is your responsibility to be aware of your gambling laws.

Eligible users

To make use of this website and any services that are offered, you must be of the legal age to gamble. You may not access the site if you reside in a country where online gambling is illegal or operators are not allowed to advertise. If this is the case, the website has the right to block your IP address and prevent access to the site.

User content

Any information that you provide while making use of the website will not be owned or in any way the possession of CasinoVibez. It is your responsibility to provide accurate and legal information when submitting data. When you agree to these terms, you allow us to store, transmit, copy, display, format, publish, and distribute any submitted information, data, or material.

Unless our site specifically mentions such, no links to any other site, apps, or services are any form of approval, endorsement, or sponsorship. Some links that appear on our website are affiliate links. By clicking on these and using services at other websites, CasinoVibez may generate a commission. Signing up for any services at other websites will be done at your own risk and we are not liable for any damages. We are also not responsible for any content, services, or products that are featured on other websites.

Intellectual property rights

Logos and graphics displayed on the CasinoVibez website are the trademarks of CasinoVibez. Any other trademarks that are displayed may be those of a third party. You do not have the right to use any of the trademarks or any registered trademarks of any third party of those owned by CasinoVibez.

Limitation of liability

CasinoVibez will not be held responsible for any damages. This applies to all affiliates, directors, officers, employees, licensors, agents, or suppliers. We are also not responsible for any losses that are incurred when you use other services, apps, or websites.


CasinoVibez has the sole right to alter or amend this agreement at any time. Any amendment will be effective immediately after any updated terms have been published. As a user, you agree to any terms that are changed. Continuing to access the website constitutes consent to any changes that have been made within the terms and conditions.

Accepting these terms

As a user/visitor, you consent to all terms and conditions stated herein by accessing the website or making use of services. If you do not agree to the terms stated, you will not be authorized to access the website or make use of any services that are provided.

Contact us

If you have any concerns or questions about the terms that are set forth, you can contact the support team for additional information. Send an email to [email protected] or reach us on Instagram or YouTube.

These terms and conditions have been updated on January 4, 2023.

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