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Online sports betting has become quite popular in the online gambling industry in the US, and with many new betting sites emerging, there are some excellent options.

You can legally engage in online betting in the US since many individual states operate online mobile sportsbooks. With online sports betting, you can place different bets on various markets and even benefit from free bets and special offers at the best online betting sites.

Get ready to discover the fantastic world of online betting and check out sites offering casino options for residents in NJ or PA!

How We Choose the Best Online Sportsbooks

Each online sportsbook will have different features, betting markets, and odds. When choosing where to wager, there are various things to consider and compare.

You will find that all of our recommended sites provide member protection and some of the best betting bonuses online.

Before signing up at any online betting site, consider the details we mention below.

Free bets & bonus deals

Many of the best betting sites will offer new members free bets and bonus deals. These can offer match bonuses, risk-free wagers, and more.

While the initial bonus is a great way to get started, you will want to ensure your chosen site also offers ongoing bonuses and promotions. Any member can redeem these with a real money account and will enhance the betting experience by offering free cash and free bets.

Account & signup

You will want to ensure there is an easy and secure sign-up process. The site chosen should safeguard all information and store it on a secure server.

You will want to make sure you can create a new account on a desktop or a mobile device easily and quickly.

Betting & odds selection

The best betting sites will have competitive odds from bookmakers and promotions that you can use to boost odds during an event.

Before choosing any site, take some time to compare current betting odds for major sports and events. Choosing sites with top odds gives you more chances to earn profits as you engage in real money wagering.

Licensing & security

Licensing and security are the main issues that you need to consider. Be sure the selected sportsbook is operating legally in the state in which you reside.

You also want to ensure the site uses various measures to offer member protection using firewalls, encryption software, and the offering of a Privacy Policy.

Customer service & live chat support

Be sure to check the methods offered for support. Leading betting sites will have email, phone, and live chat provided as support options.

Live chat is one of the preferred methods. You can instantly connect with trained agents to receive immediate assistance.

Make sure the site you choose offers support 24 hours a day, so you always have a way to get help when needed.

Streaming options

If you enjoy the thrills of live in-play betting, you will benefit from signing up at an online sports betting site that features streaming services.

With this, you can watch events live and will have the ability to wager as games take place. Sites may only offer live streaming to real money members, so be sure to check each site’s terms when looking at the different streaming offers.

App & mobile experience

With so many US gamblers using a mobile device to place bets, a site with a mobile platform is essential. Most of the best sportsbooks in the industry will have a mobile platform.

You may find this to be a web-based platform, or you may find an Android or iOS app to download. Make sure the mobile site offers the same betting options, bonuses, and sportsbook services and provides a solid connection and a simple layout.

Banking options

When signing up, you will want to make sure you can make safe and secure transactions. Since most sports bettors will be looking to place real money wagers, you need to ensure the site offers various banking options.

Watch for those that feature credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers. You will even find some of the newer online betting sites to offer the use of cryptocurrency.

Overall reputation

The overall reputation of a betting site will play a pivotal role in your experience. Check out member reviews to learn if a considered sportsbook is safe, honest, and reliable.

You want to ensure you will have a positive and secure experience, so the site’s reputation will play a vital role in this.

How to Find the Right Sportsbook

Finding the right sportsbook may take time and effort, but you will enjoy the rewards.

The best sportsbooks offer you endless ways to wager and win while you enjoy added perks of being a member.

If you are ready to begin placing wagers from home or on a mobile device, get ready to find the best US online sportsbooks today!
Estimated time needed: 00:02 Tools needed: CasinoVibez’ list of sportsbooks Supply needed: Money
Find and compare sportsbooks and betting sites
Compare Sites You need to first see what each betting site has to offer. Not every site is the same, so be sure to review various options before making any decision. Refer to the CasinoVibez list of trusted sites to help with your selection. Step 1
Find the best and biggest bonus
Find the best bonuses Take some time to find the best bonuses for new members. Be sure to look for offers with the best value, which means looking for the highest free bet amount with minimal wagering requirements and restrictions. Step 2
Listen to sports betting experts
Expert advice and gut feelings Trust the industry experts to lead you down the right road when choosing a trusted betting site. You can also take time to perform your own evaluation and choose a site that meets all of your needs. Step 3
Signup and start betting
Register and start winning Once you've chosen a site, sign up and start making bets! Enjoy the best odds, great promotional deals, and extensive market coverage at top-rated sites operating in the US. Step 4

Finding Expert Betting Advice Online – is it Trustworthy?

The industry is full of advice and tips for betting, and you will find plenty of expert advice sites. These will provide you with tips and tricks that can be used to enhance your betting experience and have more chances of earning profits. Many of the expert sites contain information from current bettors and those who love sports.

However, you can trust not every betting site featuring expert tips. Some will work with particular sites as an affiliate and want to get new members, so they may not offer accurate information. Overall, the information you will get from experts is based on their opinions and calculations, so do not always rely on these when planning to make a real money wager.

When you choose an online sportsbook, you will find fantastic sports and events coverage. Here, we look at some popular betting options for US members who want to earn significant profits from super-betting odds.

These popular sports and leagues offer many types of bets, and you will even benefit from in-play betting options at the best sportsbooks online:

NFL Betting

NFL betting is the most popular option for US sports fans. Millions of bets are placed each year on the Super Bowl, and games throughout the season attract bets from all over the country. The NFL is the number one league for bettors and provides many options and some super odds when it comes to betting on the regular and post-season.

NBA Betting

The NBA is another popular league among US bettors, and anyone that appreciates the thrills of basketball will want to place their wagers on the NBA games supported. NBA betting is a leading choice in the US and with hundreds of games and betting options, there are endless ways to enjoy a season and generate payouts.

UFC Betting

The Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC is the largest brand in the mixed martial arts market, and fans and gamers around the US are drawn to events. Betting is very popular with those that are fans of boxing and wrestling events. The UFC offers nonstop action and some great odds.

Football Betting

Aside from betting on the NFL, there are other football options. You can wager on college football games as well as other leagues, like the Arena League. NCAA football betting is very popular, taking a close second to NFL wagering.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing has always been the main attraction for bettors, and it is the oldest form of betting. With many significant events held throughout the year, horse racing betting offers excellent odds and some fantastic payout opportunities. Wager on leading events like the Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Breeders’ Cup, Preakness Stakes, and many more. With many types of bets offered, horse race betting has remained a popular choice for bettors, not just in the US but worldwide.

Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is becoming a popular option in the US and there are some top players that have joined the MLS. Some of the finest athletes from around the globe have joined teams in the MLS, making soccer betting quite entertaining and exciting. With standard season games, playoffs, and the MLS Cup, there are some great betting options available.

Boxing Betting

Betting on boxing is exciting and many bettors who like to place these bets will enjoy in-play betting. Here, you can wager as matches take place and some of the best online sports betting sites will offer streaming of live boxing matches.

MMA Betting

Mixed martial arts is a sport that has gained a lot of attention in the past few years. There are many MMA bets that can be placed at online sportsbooks including moneyline, over & under, prop bets, and more.

NHL Betting

Ice hockey is a sport that is enjoyed in many locations worldwide, but when it comes to US betting, bettors focus on teams from the NHL. There are 31 teams in the league, with 24 of them from the US and the remaining 7 from Canada. Teams will play 82 regular season games and there are playoffs and the Stanley Cup. Some exciting betting options are available with NHL wagering like puckline betting, NHL totals, and parlays.

Tennis Betting

Tennis betting is not as popular as some of the other sports but you will find coverage at all leading sportsbooks. Individual matches, tournaments, and major events are all covered and you will find multiple bet types that can be selected.

Golf (PGA Tour) Betting

PGA betting is also very popular and millions of dollars are wagered on major events throughout the season. There are many golf tournaments that are hosted in the US and around the world, so PGA betting is loaded with options and some of the payouts can be quite large.

Baseball (MLB) Betting

Baseball is America’s sport and it draws fans from all over the country. The MLB is the major league and you will find great betting options offered. In addition to this league, betting sites will also offer wagers on the Minor League, Independent Baseball, College Baseball, and more. With 30 MLB teams, All-star games, post-season games, and the World Series, you can expect some amazing odds and chances to win with baseball bets.

Other popular sports

Not only will you be able to wager on the sports that we have detailed here, but you will find that the best betting sites will provide the chance to bet on many other sports. While many bettors prefer to bet on US-based sports, international games and events are just as exciting and rewarding. Some of the other sports you will find supported at our list of online sports betting sites include:

  • Cricket
  • Darts
  • Rugby League
  • Hockey
  • Bowls
  • F1 Racing
  • Snooker
  • Cycling
  • Volleyball
  • Squash
  • Badminton
  • Wrestling

Bonus Types for Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is a great way to place wagers and win returns, but the experience is often enhanced by offering online sports betting bonuses. Each online sportsbook will have different deals that you can enjoy, and these can all provide free cash for betting boosts on odds and many other exciting ways to wager and win more! When you are comparing different sites, be sure to take a look at the various promotional offers that are featured.

Here are some of the typical deals you will find at leading sportsbooks operating legally in the United States:

The Best Online Betting Sites Have a Proper License

When you are looking for the best online betting sites, be sure to look at the license held by the bookmaker. You want to ensure the site is currently licensed and legally allowed to offer betting services in your US state. Not all betting sites are allowed to operate online or offer a mobile platform.

Only signing up at licensed sites will ensure it operates according to gambling laws and meets industry standards. All of the betting sites you will find at CasinoVibez are fully licensed and regulated, so you will not have to worry about whether you are choosing a legit betting site.

Online sports betting has become popular throughout the US, and you will find that many states have passed laws allowing the operation of online betting sites and services. There will be many more states that will be joining the list soon. You will find that some of these states only offer online betting while others also legally allow mobile wagering.

If you are looking to find the best betting sites and want a safe and secure experience, check out what states currently offer online betting.

Sports Betting Experience & Facts

To have the best sports betting experience, you need to learn some facts about wagering and how the industry operates in the United States. Strict laws in each state oversee the operation of online sports betting sites or retail locations. With the information provided here, you can discover whether you can enjoy the thrills of online or mobile betting and will see why many have turned their attention to betting online when possible.

To ensure you have the best possible experience, here are some things to look for and consider when choosing where to wager online:

State/country restrictions

Be sure to know the current laws and any restrictions on online betting or mobile wagering. The US allows legal betting on sports, but individual states control this, so you must ensure your state of residence offers legal wagering on sporting events.

How often odds change

This will vary per sportsbook. Some online sites change the offers more often than others, so you will want to monitor how often odds change to find the best value from a bet being placed.

Odds and line releases

The odds for lines can be released at different times based on your selected sportsbook. Some sites will offer odds days or weeks in advance to allow you to plan your nets. Others will only release odds a day before a game is played. Remember that odds frequently change as more bettors place wagers on an upcoming event.

Sportsbook cut

Every operating sportsbook online will take a commission for managing your bets and offering betting services. The amounts will vary per site as well as individual games. As a casual bettor, this will not affect your profits over time, but if you place frequent bets for large amounts, you will want to find sites that take the lowest cuts.

Mobile interface

If you are a mobile bettor, read reviews and test the mobile platform of the selected online sports betting site. You will want a user-friendly interface that offers fast, straightforward navigation and easy betting options. You will also want to ensure the platform is compatible with your device, so watch for the best betting app downloads or web-based platforms.

Live chat and customer service

You want to ensure your chosen site has reliable and fast customer support. Be sure live chat is an option, and you can connect with a trained representative throughout the day. Look out for sites with 24-hour support and focus on those with live chat, as this is the best and easiest way to get assistance.

Reduced juice betting

Reduced juice betting means you are wagering at a low commission charge site. This type of betting will offer better returns since you are not paying as much in commission to the site for handling your bets.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) is an act that was passed in 2006 and was signed into law by President George W Bush. The goal of UIGEA was to prevent foreign operators from offering online gambling services to US residents. It did not make online gambling illegal for those in the US.

However, it did prevent residents from being able to use major credit or debit cards to fund offshore casinos or betting accounts.

TL;DR: Online Sports Betting in the USA

We want you to have the best possible betting experience, which is why we present you with a trusted list of the best betting sites in the US. Online betting has become a leading choice for US sports fans, with many options and ways to place wagers and win.

New betting sites will enter the industry as more states legalize online and mobile wagering. If you are ready to place secure wagers from home or on the go, check out our CasinoVibez list of recommended sites. Just create your account, grab a welcome offer, and you will be on your way to placing secure and rewarding wagers on your favorite sports!

FAQ: Online Sportsbooks

Which are the best online sportsbooks?

The best online sports betting sites are licensed, regulated, and cover many markets and bet types. You will also benefit from sites with high-paying bonuses, or free bet offers designed to attract new members. The sites listed at CasinoVibez all offer legal betting and provide exceptional services on desktops as well as mobile devices.

Can I trust all expert betting advice?

Unfortunately, no. While some expert betting advice is practical and will help you make the best decisions, not all expert advice is legitimate. It is best to refer to different sites for the latest information on odds and top picks instead of focusing on a single expert. Many bettors prefer to go with their gut feeling and do their own research before placing a bet.

Which betting sites give you free bets?

There are many sports betting sites that offer free bets as a form of a welcome bonus. If you are looking for the best free bet deals, refer to our list at CasinoVibez. We routinely visit sites to find the best deals and ensure you always know where to get free bet offers that can enhance your sports betting experience.

Is online betting legal in all of the US?

Online betting is legal in the United States, but it is up to each state to regulate and oversee gambling operations. Not every state offers legal sports betting or online gambling. It is essential to check local gambling laws before accessing any site. While online sites are not operating in all US states, residents are not restricted from engaging in online betting at any offshore site.

What is the difference between a sportsbook vs. bookmaker?

Many people do not understand the difference between a sportsbook and a bookmaker. While many use these terms and think they are the same, there are significant differences. A Sportsbook is an establishment or company that offers the ability to place wagers on sporting events, and a bookmaker is an individual that will determine the odds. In many cases, they work together. In short, the sportsbook is where the bets are managed, and the bookmaker is responsible for setting the odds for the games and events.

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