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Nevada is famous for being the hub of gambling in the US, which is why it’s surprising that there are no online casinos legal in the state.

For those looking to engage in Nevada online gambling, the only options are sports betting and online poker. With top-rated sites offering sports wagers and exciting poker games, gamblers can bet for real money but will not find access to any legal online casino websites. Below is everything you need to know about gambling online in Nevada.

Nevada Online Gambling Laws & Regulations

Online gambling is legal in the state of Nevada, and residents are free to bet at sites that offer real money poker and sports betting. When it comes to online casinos in Nevada, you will not find any licensed or regulated sites at this time as the Nevada Gaming Commission & Control Board has not passed these regulations.

When betting at any Nevada online poker room or sportsbooks, bettors must be of the legal age to gamble and be located within the state of Nevada. The state is slow to pass any laws to offer Nevada online casino sites as they may jeopardize the existing land casinos and the gambling industry in the state.

Online Sports Gambling

As a sports fan, you can engage in legal online betting at various operating sportsbooks in Nevada. This state was the first in the US to offer a mobile sports betting platform, which debuted in 2010. There are more than a dozen operating sportsbooks in Nevada, and members can legally and safely place wagers on professional, amateur, and college sports and events.

All betting apps in the state are affiliated with a land-based casino. To register for an account and enjoy this type of Nevada online gambling, you must visit a land-based venue. After opening an account, you can access it and place wagers at any time using your PC or mobile device.

The Super Bowl and its influence on mobile sports betting

Online Poker

Online poker became available in Nevada in 2013, and gamblers still enjoy it today. This is the most popular form of online gambling in Nevada and players have the chance to play exciting real money games. One of the great things about playing online poker in Nevada is the ability to play against players from other states.

At this time, there is a single online poker room operating. Residents who are 21 or older can create an account at WSOP and play Omaha Poker, No Limit Hold’em, and Cash Study games. With an account, you can enjoy tournament play with those in New Jersey and Delaware.

PokerRules casinovibez

Online Casino Regulations

For those looking to enjoy Nevada online gambling sites, you may be disappointed. There are no casino sites currently licensed and operating in the state.

The only option available for playing casino games online is to use a Social Casino associated with one of the operating land-based casinos; unfortunately, this option doesn’t support real money play.

The state is slow to pass laws regulating any Nevada online casino since offering online access would jeopardize the gambling industry. Players would play from home instead of visiting land casinos, putting a significant dent in the current industry.

Another option would be to visit a Sweepstakes Casino.

Nevada Online Gambling Tax & Revenue

Taxes and revenue generated from gambling are essential to the state of Nevada. This state relies heavily on the industry, and one-third of the total revenue in Nevada comes from state gambling taxes. Land casinos pay high taxes, and any casino that houses more than 15 slot games is taxed at an annual rate of $250 per machine. Gross gaming revenue is also taxed at 6.75%.

Each month, operating casinos in Nevada must pay a tax on gaming revenue. This applies to land-based venues and online legal gambling sites Nevada offers.

The amount is based on how much revenue has been generated and follows this schedule:

Players who engage in gambling in Nevada will also be required to pay taxes on their winnings. The percentage of winnings ranges from 25% to 30% and is dependent on the amount won.

If you generate profits from gambling, the IRS will withhold 28% of that as income tax if you don’t provide an SSN. Foreign gamblers are taxed at 30%, and all other winnings over $5000 are taxed at 25%.

Regarding Nevada online gambling, the tax rates are set at 6.75%, one of the lowest in the country. With the increase in online Nevada gambling due to the popularity of sports betting, the state has boosted overall revenue and has collected additional taxes.

Guide: Finding a Proper Sports Betting or Poker Site in NV

When you are ready to engage in Nevada gambling online, you should choose the most trusted and reliable sites. We want to ensure you have access to the most reliable sites, so before you select a Nevada online gambling site, take time to review what is offered. Below is how you can find a betting or poker site in the State of Nevada.
Estimated time needed: 00:01 Tools needed: CasinoVibez list of NV Gambling sites Supply needed: NV citizenship21 years of age
Explore the list of betting & poker sites Check out the most current list of gambling online Nevada sites that are licensed and regulated. Step 1
Compare welcome deals & offers Use reviews to compare current welcome bonuses and find out about ongoing offers for returning members. Step 2
Sign up at the NV Gambling Site and make a deposit Create a new member account at a Nevada gambling website online and choose a trusted payment method to deposit funds. Step 3
Now go place some bets – godspeed! Place your wagers and start earning top payouts while enjoying the best online gambling in Nevada! Step 4

Available Nevada Sports Betting Apps

Is Nevada in the process of legalizing online casinos?

Currently, there are no plans to legalize any online casino sites in Nevada. While the state does allow for legal wagering at poker rooms and sportsbooks online, there are no operating casino sites within the state. Even though other states have benefitted from increased revenue, Nevada has no plans to legalize online casinos.

The reason is due to a lack of consensus within the gambling industry. Nevada has a massive array of retail hambling venues and a greater population density than other states. Due to the many land casinos operating, it won’t be easy to pass laws for any online casino in Nevada. Casinos in the state oppose online platforms, fearing it will take away revenue and damage the industry as a whole.

Getting Help with Gambling Addiction in Nevada – Responsible Gambling

Responsible gaming plays an essential role in the online industry, and casino sites will have a strict policies in place. These sites take all steps to ensure that minors cannot access real money games or place wagers. They also provide members with information on how they can manage their spending.

Responsible gaming policies offer details on setting deposit and play limits. This is useful for people who frequent sites to make real money bets. While online gambling can be enjoyable and rewarding, it also is a risk. Since it is so easy to make deposits and keep wagering, gamblers are at a higher risk of developing a gambling problem or overspending.

Any licensed site within the state must have a Responsible Gaming page present. This will also be required of any Nevada betting site or poker site.

You will find a list of organizations that can help with any gambling problem. These can include:

FAQ: NV Online Gambling

Is online gambling legal in Nevada?

Online gambling is legal in the state of Nevada. At this time, there are licensed sportsbooks and poker rooms offered; however, you will not find any Nevada online casino websites in the state. These may be offered in the future, but for now, you can only bet on sports and poker.

Why are there no online casinos in Nevada?

Unlike some states that license online casinos, Nevada has not passed any laws allowing such sites to operate. It is believed that Nevada online casino gambling websites will jeopardize land casinos in the state. Land casinos generate huge amounts of revenue and the state does not want to make any moves to take this away from established land venues.

Do gambling sites in Nevada block access to visitors from outside state borders?

Yes. To wager real money at online gambling Nevada sites, you must be physically located within the state. Sites use geo-location software to ensure that you are in Nevada when placing any real money wagers. Even though the poker room in Nevada allows for interstate play, you must still be in the state to make bets; otherwise, sites will restrict access to any individual that does not comply with this. While you can use a VPN to sign up and play games if you are from another state, you may encounter problems when withdrawing winnings since documents proving your residence will be required.

What are the costs of an online gambling license in Nevada?

All online sites in the state are required to obtain an interactive gaming license. This applies to sportsbooks, poker rooms, and any real money online casino Nevada sites that may launch in the future. The initial fee will be $500,000, and there is a renewal fee of $250,000 due every two years.

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