Best Bitcoin Betting Sites of 2023 in USA

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Bitcoin betting is becoming popular worldwide and in the US thanks to some of the unique features this cryptocurrency offers. Anonymity and fantastic bonus offers are two features that attract bettors to this payment option.

This article provides excellent information on Bitcoin betting, including tips on picking the right Bitcoin gambling platform, types of Bitcoin betting, its advantages, answers to questions you may have regarding crypto betting sites, and more.

Our Favorite Bitcoin Betting Sites


How We Choose the Best Bitcoin Betting Casinos

There is no shortage of information regarding the best Bitcoin Betting sites, which is great news for casino lovers. There are certain factors to consider to identify these sites on your own. These factors are common across the best crypto betting sites and are important considerations you mustn’t overlook.

Casino Reputation

The reputation of crypto betting sites is crucial when picking the best platform. There are several ways to determine the casino’s reputation, and getting comments from other players is a great option. Reviews and comments from other players give you a great idea of what to expect from a casino.

When going through comments from other players, avoid those that try to undermine a casino by saying they didn’t win. Winning on a Bitcoin betting site is random, thanks to the use of RNGs. Focus on comments that mention experiences such as payout speed, customer support response, etc.

Provably Fair

Online casinos need to assure players of fairness in their operations. To determine if a Bitcoin gambling casino is fair, start by reviewing its licenses. The Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, and Curacao eGaming are reputable licensing commissions for online casinos.

In addition to regulators ensuring strict regulatory compliance, there are independent testers that assess the fairness and randomness of games on crypto casinos. A fair casino will have a seal of approval from eCOGRA, iTech Labs, or other independent testers that assess and ensure these platforms’ randomness, fairness, and safety.

Accepts Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

This is a basic requirement for Bitcoin betting sites. However, the best Bitcoin betting sites accept a variety of cryptocurrencies as payment options. Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are popular alternatives to Bitcoin that you find on many platforms.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, and many of these currencies are moving towards becoming stable coins. As these currencies become stable, the requirements for a crypto betting site to be ranked as one of the best crypto casinos will change.

Good Customer Service

Customer support isn’t something you need often, but it is an essential feature of the best Bitcoin betting sites. A great idea is to try the customer support feature before making your first deposit on crypto betting websites. What is the response time? What channels are available?

Top Bitcoin online gambling sites offer a live chat, phone, or email support channel. A comprehensive FAQ page is usually available on these platforms, providing additional information pending when you get a response from the support team.

What are the Advantages of Bitcoin Betting?

Bitcoin Casinos aren’t as many as the regular real money casinos. So, what makes these Bitcoin betting sites worth visiting? There are several excellent benefits you can enjoy when you play on these platforms, including the following:

Fast and Easy Transactions

Transaction speed is a crucial aspect of every online sports betting platform, and Bitcoin betting casinos get an A+ in this area. Unlike standard payment methods that often require 3 to 10 business days for a withdrawal transaction, Bitcoin transactions take just a few minutes to complete.

The BTC transactions are also easy to perform, granting players from countries with limited payment options a chance to enjoy their favorite casino games. Transactions are safe, and you can access your funds from anywhere in the world.

Lower Fees

Transaction fees are common on traditional betting sites, and you incur these fees on deposits and withdrawals from the platform. If you’re playing from certain countries, you must consider the tax you have to pay on your winnings.

Playing on BTC sports betting sites lowers the fees you incur by a large margin. The transaction fees are zero or very low in other instances. A significant reason for these low transaction fees is that Bitcoin casinos don’t have a payment institution regulating its operations.


This is a significant reason why many players love Bitcoin sports betting sites. If you want to avoid sharing your personal financial information or keep your online gambling life private, then gambling with cryptocurrencies is your best bet.

Your transactions on the Blockchain are difficult to trace, so you can maintain your anonymity when playing on the platform. Unlike traditional payment methods that require you to provide your name and address, Bitcoin transactions only require a wallet address – which can change depending on the wallet you use.

Universal Currency

Cryptocurrencies transcend the restrictions imposed by borders. This makes them an excellent option for players to transact from anywhere in the world. You can consider it a universal currency for this reason, with no universal law prohibiting its use.

The standardization of Bitcoin prices worldwide eliminates the additional costs you incur from currency conversions, leaving you with more money to enjoy betting.

Many Betting Options

In addition to the vast number of games you can play via Bitcoin betting, there are several betting options to pick from. When engaging in Bitcoin betting, you can start with Bitcoin sports betting. This is a common betting option, and sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling.

If this isn’t your cake, you also have access to live betting, virtual sports betting, and eSports betting. These are exciting online sports betting options with massive communities. The eSports space is excellent for gamers who enjoy seeing other individuals play games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, CS:GO, and others on a competitive level.

Pros & Cons: Bitcoin Betting Sites

Crypto betting sites are great to visit, offering massive benefits to anyone placing sports bets, or trying out casino games. However, there are some demerits to using these cryptocurrency betting sites. Understanding the pros and cons of the best crypto betting site will help you determine if these sites are right for you.


  • These sites support faster transactions.
  • There are unique Bitcoin bonuses for players.
  • You can stay anonymous and maintain your privacy on a cryptocurrency betting site.
  • The transaction fees are much lower on Bitcoin betting sites.


  • Bitcoin value changes frequently.
  • It isn’t available on all betting sites.
  • Its anonymity makes it an option for fraudulent activities.
  • Converting to cash can take longer than fiat currencies.

Types of Bitcoin Betting

Engaging in Bitcoin betting doesn’t restrict you to just sports betting; other forms of betting are available when using this option. Each type of Bitcoin betting offers access to a unique sports betting market, so be sure to gather adequate knowledge before trying out these betting types.

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Visiting sports betting sites allow you to try out Bitcoin sports betting with ease. Here, you can bet on sports like Football and Basketball, picking the winners of a match, or placing a prop bet with your Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Esports Betting

Online sports betting sites have an eSports section that adds to the excitement. If you want to bet on competitive gaming on titles like Call of Duty and League of Legends, then crypto sports betting sites offer this option.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are available for major sports events like horse racing, football, basketball, tennis, and more. The best crypto sportsbooks offer players a chance to place sports bets on these AI-driven sports with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereal, and more.

Live Bets

Many Bitcoin gambling sites offer live bets. This option allows you to place bets on games that have already started. Some Bitcoin betting websites will refer to these bets as in-game bets.

Tips for Betting with Bitcoin

Bitcoin betting is like any other form of betting, but there are certain things you should know to bet successfully with Bitcoin. These simple tips should become habits for you if you intend to have a successful Bitcoin betting career.

Bet on Sports You Know Well

This shouldn’t be the first time you hear this tip, but we must mention it. You have the most advantage when you bet on sports you’re knowledgeable about. This gives you an edge when picking your prop bets, totals, or moneylines on sports betting sites.

Research Betting Odds

The odds vary for each sports betting site, and you must compare odds from various Bitcoin betting sites. The odds determine your potential payout; the higher the odds on the crypto sports betting site, the more you can win. If you find lower odds on an outcome, it means the outcome is likely to occur.

Check Bitcoin’s Value

Although Bitcoin is one of the few stable cryptocurrencies, the value still fluctuates. You should consider the value of Bitcoin when withdrawing funds from the best Bitcoin casino. Be sure the value is at a favorable level when making withdrawals, and convert it to USD as quickly as possible.

If you don’t have the stomach for massive price fluctuations, you shouldn’t store your funds in the form of cryptocurrency. You can always have a reserve for your Bitcoin gambling activities while you keep your excess as USD.

Be Sensible

Responsible gaming is essential when Bitcoin gambling, and developing responsible gaming habits helps you stay in control. You must be sensible when betting online to avoid becoming a gambling addict and letting your actions affect your real life.

The best Bitcoin betting sites offer a comprehensive responsible gaming page with excellent features to help protect players from addiction.

Making Casino Deposits and Withdrawals with Bitcoin

Each online casino or crypto betting site will have a unique design that differentiates it from other platforms. Despite the uniqueness, the Bitcoin deposits and withdrawal process should be similar across various sites. To make Bitcoin deposits, go to the “Cashier” section or “Deposits” page and select Bitcoin as the payment option.

You should find instructions on what to do to complete the deposit once you pick Bitcoin. Having a Bitcoin wallet and money in this wallet are prerequisites for the deposit.

You can easily withdraw the excess amount if you enjoy a successful gaming session and gather more Bitcoins than you need through winnings. Go to the withdrawal tab on the betting site and request a Bitcoin withdrawal. This should allow you to select the amount and input the wallet address you want to pay into.

The casino will send your Bitcoin to the address you provide, and you can choose to make purchases on other online sites using the Bitcoin, convert it to fiat currency, or store it while anticipating the next rise in price – it’s up to you.

Browse Bitcoin Betting Sites Today!

The best crypto gambling sites offer several features that make them the right option for all bettors. You can find top casino games, excellent crypto sports betting promotions, decent odds, anonymity, and more when you choose Bitcoin gambling.

T get the best experience, you must pick the right crypto sports betting sites supporting top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Ethereal, and Bitcoin, along with excellent customer service, vast crypto sports betting markets, and excellent sports betting odds.

You can pick the top crypto sportsbook by following our guide, or start playing on one of the betting sites we recommend. Sign up today and claim excellent Bitcoin bonuses when you place your first Bitcoin deposit on most top betting sites, and start betting.

Bitcoin Betting

Is it safe to bet with Bitcoin?

Betting with Bitcoin is safe if you choose the right betting site. Some sites assure players of fairness and security, and others, the rogue platforms, are out to scam players. You need to pick the right platform by assessing the reviews and licenses of the casino.

Can I make mobile Bitcoin bets?

Yes, mobile Bitcoin betting is available. The mobile betting industry is rapidly growing thanks to the advances in mobile technology and its convenience. With anonymity and better return to players, mobile Bitcoin sports betting sites are very common.

Can I bet with other cryptocurrencies?

Of course, you have the option to bet with other cryptocurrencies. On most Bitcoin betting platforms, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are additional options for their stability. You will often come across other platforms accepting cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Tether, Dogecoin, and more.

Is Bitcoin betting legal?

Yes, it is legal to engage in Bitcoin betting. However, you can only do so in states where real money betting is legal. Michigan and New Jersey are states where real money betting is allowed. Like your bank cards, bank transfers, and e-wallets, cryptocurrencies are regarded as a payment option.

Why use bitcoin for sports betting?

Using Bitcoin for sports betting provides anonymity for bettors, offering them higher transaction limits and more secure transactions than the traditional payment methods. Sports betting sites also offer unique bonuses and promotions that encourage the use of Bitcoin for betting.

What is the best sportsbook for Bitcoin betting?

There is no correct answer to this question. You must pick the right platform after assessing and comparing it to others. You can assess a Bitcoin betting site using the factors we provide, and you can also select one of the platforms we recommend to start playing on one of the top Bitcoin betting sites.

Do all betting sites accept Bitcoin?

Not all betting sites accept Bitcoin. Betting sites that do accept Bitcoin will have a Bitcoin logo on the home page and the deposits page to let players know that the option is available. The sites we recommend all support Bitcoin payments.

Are there Bitcoin betting bonuses?

Yes, Bitcoin betting bonuses are common on online betting sites. Online betting sites advertise these bonuses separately, which are different from other bonuses you come across on the platform. To participate and claim your Bitcoin betting bonuses, you must have funds in your cryptocurrency wallet on the site.

What sports can I bet on with Bitcoin?

You can bet on popular sports like Football, Basketball, MMA, Hockey, Table Tennis, and more. The sports markets available will depend on the betting site you choose. Each betting site offers access to the popular markets and some of the least popular options.

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