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Usually, when one thinks about bingo, an image of elderly folks seated in a quiet hall tense with anticipation comes to mind, the only sound breaking the silence consists of the announcer reading the numbers.

On the one hand this image might do spectacularly well in movies, but it doesn’t fill you or I with an eagerness to play the game. Luckily for us, online bingo is a fast paced game of chance that has everyone on their toes!

I have compiled a list of all the essentials you need to know, let’s dive in!

Most Popular Real Money Bingo Sites

About online bingo

The first step to play bingo on line would be ensuring that you have an account on a legitimate online gaming platform. It is even possible to play bingo online free no download of the software required! Once you have started a game of bingo online, the system will automatically provide you with a card displaying all of the possible binge numbers – in certain games you may receive several cards at once.

The numbers on the bingo card range between 0 and 90, as soon as you have achieved one of the pre-specified winning patterns, you will have won – and can successfully call out ‘Bingo’! It is possible to place a wager on a bingo game and play bingo online for money.

Be cognisant of the fact that online bingo, even free bingo online, has a vast amount of bingo-specific jargon and there are usually whole FAQ or documents on the online bingo platform to inform players. It is especially prudent for you to check out these guides if you intend to hang out in bingo online chatrooms.

Guide: How to play Bingo made simple

Online bingo is famous for the diverse features it offers. With online bingo, punters get to play on the move, enjoy a wide variety of bingo games, claim rewarding bonus offers, and many more.

If you’re yet to play online bingo, this section covers everything you need to know. To get started, follow these simple steps.
Estimated time needed: 00:03 Tools needed: bingo site list Supply needed: Bingo cardNumbers
acquire bingo card
Acquiring the bingo card To start playing bingo, you’ll need to buy a bingo card. The number of cards to buy is up to you. The higher the number of your cards, the higher your odds of winning. Step 1
Getting bingo numbers
Obtaining the numbers Keep an eye on the numbers displayed on your bingo card. They hold the keys to your success at bingo games. Step 2
Mark bingo numbers
Mark the numbers At this stage, you’re required to mark the numbers on your bingo card. Step 3
1 line means bingo
One straight line means profit One straight line pattern covers five number squares. This can either be a horizontal or vertical line. After marking a straight line on your bingo card, you’re entitled to earn a reward. Step 4
Full card – SHOUT BINGO! When your crossed off numbers is a winning pattern, you can go ahead and scream BINGO! indicating that you have won. Step 5

Bingo types & variants

Bingo games are classified by the number of balls in play which are picked randomly just like in the lottery. In the United States, the most common bingo variant played is the traditional American bingo with 75 balls. This is a game with a grid of 5 rows and 5 columns. The advent of online bingo has seen the creation of many more bingo variants that are already gaining popularity in the US.

Some of these bingo types include:

90 ball

This is a popular bingo variant that makes use of 90 balls and bingo cards containing 15 numbers. The numbers are displayed across 9 different columns with 3 rows containing 5 numbers each.

80 ball

The 80 ball bingo has a bingo card with 16 squares, 4 rows, and 4 columns. A winner emerges in this game when they successfully match their card to the game’s winning pattern. This could either be a complete column, row, or an entirely different pattern.

75 ball

As stated above, this bingo variant is the most popular in the United States. It has a bingo card containing 25 squares arranged in 5 rows of 5 numbers. A free space exists in the middle of the card, which when excluded, leaves spaces for 24 numbers.

30 ball

Here, only 30 balls are involved and 3×3 square bingo cards are used for the game. It is a fast game and suits people who want to play bingo very quickly.

Online Bingo Bonuses

There are many different types of bonuses and bonus codes, some of which even allow you to play bingo online for free, below are the most common types.

A no-deposit bonus is the most sought-after of all the online bingo bonuses because it allows players to play bingo online free of the responsibility of initially supplying their own personal cash to the online gaming platform.

Cashback bonuses allow players to gain back some of the monies that they played away, while a reload bonus is granted to players in exchange for a deposit over and above the initial deposit.

Bonuses can range from money, to the ability to essentially play video bingo online free of charge.

PROs & CONs: Online Bingo

Bingo is a fun and exciting game that has been played for many years. The coming of modern technology has made the game even more enjoyable and accessible, especially for people who live far away from betting establishments.

Right now, all that is required to start playing online bingo is a desktop or mobile device and an internet connection. But as fulfilling as online bingo might seem, there are some drawbacks to it. Most of the time, people hardly talk about these drawbacks because they’re not too serious.

However, since you’re about to dive right into online bingo games, it’s a good idea we highlight the pros and cons of the game.


  • Very convenient
  • Cost-effective
  • Lots of bingo sites to choose from
  • Huge cash prizes


  • No face-to-face interaction
  • Highly addictive
  • Easy to lose track of time while playing bingo
  • Players can easily spend more than they budgeted

Gamble responsible: Addicted to Real money bingo?

Online casino, bingo and online gambling can become addictive for players if preventive measures are ignored. Problems arise when bingo enthusiasts begin to play it a lot and won’t mind going into debt to satiate their bingo cravings. This, of course, will have a negative impact on their lives and finances. However, all hope is not lost for anyone who finds themselves in this situation.

There are countless organizations that can help handle the problem of gambling addiction. Below is the contact information of some of them:

TL;DR – Are you a bingo fanatic?

At Casino Vibez, our list of bingo sites does not only contain highly secure bingo sites, but the very best in the business in every aspect.

We are constantly on the look out for the best bingo sites on the internet. We place emphasis on bonuses because a good bonus has the ability to improve your winning chances.

We also consider other features like customer support, available bingo games, site design, and many more before adding a bingo site to our list. So if you are up for some exciting bingo game sessions, browse through Casino Vibez to find top bingo sites to play at.

We are rooting for you!


How do I learn to play bingo?

Casino Vibez has a detailed step-by-step instruction that will teach you how to play bingo. Go through our website to get started.

Normal Bingo vs. Online Bingo?

Compared to traditional bingo halls, online bingo is the preferred choice by most players. This is because online bingo offers faster and easier gameplay. The use of computers for online bingo makes numbers to be drawn quicker, unlike the slow-paced bingo caller.

What is the best online bingo site in USA?

The USA has lots of outstanding bingo sites, therefore, picking one as the best might not be so easy. With that said, if you are searching for the best bingo sites in the USA, the right place to find them is at Casino Vibez. Simply go through our curated list of bingo sites and take your pick.

Can I play online bingo everywhere across USA?

Yes, as far as online bingo is concerned, you can enjoy bingo games from anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection and you are good to go.

Where can I play free bingo?

There are many sites that you can play online bingo for free. The good news is that you don't have to search for them yourself. Just look through Casino Vibez and you will find plenty of bingo sites where you can play bingo for free.

Is online bingo a scam?

While there are bad eggs out there, online bingo in general is not a scam. In spite of this, players need to carefully make their choice of bingo sites due to the existence of some malicious bingo sites out there. Ensure that you make use of only the bingo sites we recommend to avoid getting into the wrong hands.

Who provides the best bingo bonuses?

All our selected online bingo sites are packed with the best bingo bonuses. Casino Vibez will not pick a bingo site that is deficient in bonus offers. So, if you are looking for bingo sites with mouth-watering bonuses, look no further than the ones listed at Casino Vibez.

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