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Pay by phone bill offers a new and simplified way to make payments on an online casino.

With this payment method, players are allowed to pay for real money games using their mobile phones. Unlike other banking options used on online casinos, the Pay by phone bill option is fast, secure, and reliable.

At the moment, hundreds of online casinos have enabled this new payment method, leading thousands of players to adopt it as their preferred casino deposit method.

On this page, you will learn about online casino pay by phone bill, how it works, and how to start using its services. So keep reading to discover all these and more. Note that this service is currently not available in the United States but hopefully it will be available in the nearest future.

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Definition: What is a pay by phone casino & how does it work

A pay by phone casino is an online casino that allows you to easily make a deposit on its platform using phone credit or pay via your phone bill.

The service works by deducting casino payments from your mobile phone bill. Online casino pay by phone bill is made possible by payment providers like Payforit. The player may either subscribe to a pay as you go plan or a monthly payment plan.

Customers using pay as you go will have their fees deducted from their mobile phone balance immediately, while those on the monthly payment plan will see the charge on their next monthly bill.

A pay by mobile phone casino affords players convenience, flexibility, safety, simplicity, and speed.

Guide: How to make phone bill deposits at online casinos

It doesn't matter what mobile device you use, whether Android, Blackberry, Windows, or iOS, phone bill deposits work on all mobile devices.

Deposit by phone bill will allow you to fund your casino account through your mobile phone bill. A major advantage of phone bill deposit is that you’re not required to share your credit card or bank details with the casino. All charges would be deducted straight from your phone bill.

If you’re yet to use this payment method, here’s how to go about it:
Estimated time needed: 00:03 Tools needed: Phone Supply needed: TimeMobile network subscription
Make sure pay by phone bill is available
Make sure mobile payments are available in your state Ensure that pay by phone bill service is supported in your state. The service is not available in all countries and states at the moment. Step 1
Select phone bill payment method
Pick mobile deposit at the payment page! Go to the payment section of the casino. Check through the deposit options and select payment by mobile or SMS. Step 2
Follow the casinos pay by phone bill instructions
Follow the instructions The next page will provide you with the steps to use Payforit. You will be prompted to enter your mobile number and other details to make your deposit. Step 3
Confirm your mobile payment deposit by SMS
Confirm your mobile deposit & go have fun A text message will be sent to you regarding the payment. All you have to do at this point is to confirm it. Another text will be sent acknowledging your payment. Then head to the mobile casino pay by phone bill to enjoy the available real money games. Step 4

Pros & Cons: Pay by phone casino deposits

Pay by phone bill is one of the fastest and easiest ways to carry out a casino deposit.

This service helps keep the financial and banking details of players safe. Players are not required to provide their sensitive information, like bank details or credit card numbers. Players also don’t have to worry about paying upfront before gambling. They are allowed to play games on credit and pay later when settling their mobile phone bills at the end of the month.

In this section, we will consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of using pay by phone casino sites.


  • Provides convenience
  • Supports pay as you go payment
  • Fast deposit
  • Privacy


  • No withdrawal option
  • Deposit limits
  • Limited availability
  • Monthly spending cannot be monitored

Alternatives: Other casino deposit methods than pay by phone

In case casino pay by phone credit is not available in your location or you simply want to try out other payment options that are similar to Pay by Phone, then you can check out any of these options listed below.

Pay by mobile phone bonuses

Choosing pay by mobile phone as your payment method comes with many benefits. Aside from the swift processing speed, and the security it provides, players are also rewarded with bonus offers and cash rewards. These offers are only given to casino players who choose Pay by phone bill as their payment method. Depending on the casino of your choice, you can get rewarded with a welcome bonus, free spins bonus, or deposit match bonus. If you want to find online casinos that offer awesome pay by mobile bonuses, do well to check our list of recommended casinos.

On this list, you’ll find top-rated sites that offer the best bonuses for Pay by mobile bill users. Also, it’s important to note that pay by phone deposits are not available at  US online casinos yet. Nonetheless, plans are already on the way to ensure US players enjoy the services in the nearest future.


Using pay by phone bill is simple and hassle-free. With a mobile casino pay by phone bill, your security is increased and you will be able to make much faster deposits.

Another advantage of a pay by phone bill casino is that it does not ask for the bank account of players. You never have to fill in your financial details before your account can be funded. With just your mobile phone, you can transfer funds into your casino account. You can either pay for the deposit immediately if you are on a pay as you go plan or by the end of the month. Meaning that a pay by phone casino will allow you to play casino games on credit and you will settle your accumulated bills by the month’s end. All these can be handled through your phone, which makes a mobile casino pay by phone bill one of the most convenient ways to enjoy online gambling.

Most online casinos support pay by phone bill nowadays, but sadly the service is yet to apply to the United States. Hopefully, that will change in time to come. A pay by phone bill casino will also offer you diverse bonus offers whenever you choose pay by phone bill as your preferred payment method.

Are you looking for the best pay by phone bill casino to play at? Use our above-listed pay by phone bill casino sites to enjoy all these benefits and more. » Payment » Pay by Phone Bill Casinos – Deposit via Payforit
Last updated: 20/10/2022