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Intro to Poker Rules

When playing any version of poker, you will want to understand poker rules. These will explain how to play poker and you will learn the dynamics of a basic round of the game. This can include the ante, big blind, small blind, flop, check, raise, call, and more. The actual rounds will all depend on what version of the game you are enjoying. Make use of free games to learn to play poker and start winning today!

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Poker hands

To win, you will have to create certain hands. Each game will have different rules of poker that determine the payouts from the hands created. Below, we explain the poker hand rankings, from the highest paying to the lowest.

Royal Flush: Consists of A, K, Q, J, and 10 of the same suit

Straight Flush: All five cards are of the same suit and in numerical order, i.e. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Clubs

Four of a Kind: Four equally ranking cards, i.e. 4 Kings

Full house: Made by getting three of a kind and a pair in a single hand

Flush: A hand that contains five cards of a single suit

Straight: Any run of cards in numerical sequence

Three of a kind: Three cards of the same value

Two Pair: Two different pair

A Pair: One pair of cards with the same face value

High Card: Highest ranking card in the hand

Different poker games

When playing poker, you will find there are a number of popular variations. Each game will have different rules for poker and you need to learn these to be a successful player. Below, we offer a quick overview of some of the popular games that are played today. You can also enjoy three card poker, which has become a popular option. Tree card poker rules are easy to learn, making this a great game for beginners.


Texas Hold ’Em

Texas Hold’Em is one of the most popular games being played. With this version, you will receive two cards face down, referred to as hole cards. Three remaining cards will be dealt to the middle of the table and these are community cards. There is then a round of betting called the pre-flop. Two additional rounds of betting are then played, with two more cards being revealed. Based on Texas Hold’Em poker rules, you must create the best-ranking hand using your two hole cards and any three cards on the table.

Omaha Hi/Lo

With Omaha Hi-Lo, you will play the game following standard Omaha poker rules. This version offers a split pit and one half is awarded to the winning best hand and the other half goes to the low hand.


Five Card Stud

Five Card poker rules are relatively easy to understand. The game starts with one card being dealt face up and one face down to the player. A betting round follows where another card is dealt face up. This continues until five cards are in play and the player with the best-ranking hand will win the pot.

Five Card Draw

With five card draw poker, the goal is to make the best five card hand after a single draw. This is the simplest version of poker played and you will find the poker game rules for this variation to be very easy to understand.

Poker Glossary

Below, you can learn some terminology that can be useful when you are checking our new games and trying to learn to play poker.
Action: Action refers to when it’s the turn of the participant to play or to make a bet.
Action card: Refers to one common card which creates great activity, since the card is an advantage for different participants.
Advertising: When a player consciously plays with a certain playing style to confuse and mislead.
All in: When a player bets all of their money
Ante: The forced bet which is made before the round begins.
Bank: The player that distributes chips during a game
Bankroll: The full amount of money which the participant can use to play with.
Big blind: The biggest of the two forced bets in for example Texas Hold ’Em.
Bleed: When the player loses many chips because of bad playing.
Bluff: If the player makes a huge bet with a bad hand to confuse the opponent and make an advantage.
Call: To match or raise a bet.
Cap: The limit of the number of times a bet can be raised in a round.
Chase: To stay in the round, even though your hand is bad, because you have a large stake in the pool.
Check: Passing on making any bet.
Continuation bet: Making a bet after the player who was leading in relation to bets.
Dead hand: A hand that has been discarded due to an error.
Dealer: The person who deals cards. Depending on context, the person can either work for a casino or be a passive player.
Deuce: A card with the value of two.
Donkey: A player who is weaker than the other players. That kind of player is also called a fish.
Drop: Same meaning as ’fold’.
Flash: A flash means that a card by accident is shown to one or more players, and therefore has to be shown to all players, before it can be discarded.
Float: To call a bet with the intention of bluffing at a later round in the game.
Fold: To discard a hand and lose your forced bet and the possibility of competing for the pool.
Fouled hand: A hand which is being discarded because of breach.
Full ring: A poker game with 6 or more players, typically between 9 and 11 players.
Heads up poker: A game played 1 on 1.
H.O.R.S.E.: A tournament which contains 5 different types of poker games all with different poker rules.
Pat: A hand which is already complete and doesn’t need cards from the table.
Poker face: A facial expression and body language that don’t expose anything about the players position.
Pot: The total amount of the players bets.
Push: To make an All-in.
Raccoon: A bad/unexperienced player.
Rake: A fee to the casino, paid by the players who compete in the tournament.
Rakeback: A repaid amount to a participant who has paid fee for the tournament. Often paid by a third part who has financial interest in the participant.
River: This refers to the last card giving by the dealer in a round. Subsequently there is a last betting round and if necessary, a showdown.
Rock: A player with a very rigorous approach to the game. He or she only plays on the best hands.
Royal cards: Same as picture cards.
Satellite tournament: Tournaments, where first prize is an enter ticket to other big tournaments.
Scoop: A scoop refers to winning both the high and the low part of the pool in Hi/Lo poker games.
Shoe: Refers to a collection of playing cards in physical casinos, which are being hold in a plastic container.
Shorthanded: A game with 6 or fewer players.
Showdown: If more than one player is back after the last betting round. Their cards are shown and the best hand wins.
Sit and go: Tables/games where you can come and go as you wish in a certain period of time.
Straddle bet: A straddle bet is an optional bet which bets after blind bets in a game.
Tell: A leading clue to a players true position.
Tilt: A player who plays crazy or uncarefully.
Toke: Tips given to the dealer by the winner of the round.
Under the gun: According to the rules, the participant on the left side of the forced bets, even though the participant is first.
Up the ante: To raise forced bets.
Window card: A card which has the frontside up in Stud Poker.
Walk: When all participants choose to fold for big blind.

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