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Bitcoin slots are the new best thing for slot lovers who want to test their gaming skills with bitcoin. Unlike regular casino games that require fiat currency, Bitcoin slots allow players to spin the reels with bitcoin. If you’re entirely new to the concept, this article gives insight into Bitcoin slots. You’ll also learn how to play Bitcoin slots and the best ways to maximize your gaming skills.

Our Favorite Bitcoin Casino Slots


What You Need to Know about Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots have not always been around, but thanks to Technological advancement, they are becoming commonplace in the casino industry. With each passing year, Bitcoin slots get even more popular. Using Bitcoin is much easier than traditional payment methods which is one of the biggest advantages of Bitcoin slots.

History of Slots

Slots had captivated casino players since the 1880s when “nickel-in-the-slot machines” became popular. The term eventually got shortened to slot machines. Officially, the first slot machine was developed by a New York-based company Sittman and Pitt, in 1891.

The evolution of slot machines began in the 1900s with the introduction of fruit slot machines. While land-based slots drove the market until the late 1990s, Internet boom in the mid-90s brought new Markets, and thus, came online slots. Online slots brought in a new era of software developers, 3D slot machines, progressive jackpot slots, and many more.

What are Bitcoin Slots?

Bitcoin slots are almost similar to regular casino slots. They come with reels, paylines, in-game bonuses, and every feature you would find in a regular slot. However, Bitcoin slots are slot machines that can be played with Bitcoin. This means that these slot machines allow you to play with bitcoin and you payout in Bitcoin.

Just like regular slot machines, bitcoin could also feature a jackpot prize. However, most of these jackpots are static with a limit of up to 25 BTC. One of the best things about Bitcoin Slots is exclusivity. Unlike regular slots with similar titles appearing in almost every casino out there, bitcoin slots offer new titles with eye-catching bonuses you’ve never seen before.

These slots are also accessible on your mobile devices. You could play your favorite slots right off the casino mobile app or on the mobile-optimized platform on your iOS or Android.

Basic Rules of Bitcoin Slots

For slots lovers already used to spinning the reels of regular slots, the rules of Bitcoin slots are pretty much the same. Let’s start with the most basic rules to guide you. The classic 3-reel or 5-reel slot is a common sight in every casino. Bitcoin slots in this category feature columns and rows with visually attractive images known as symbols. Within the setup are paylines that can help you trigger a win.

The rule of the game is that you must match 3 or more of the same symbols on an active Payline to win Bitcoin. Each symbol in the game has a value it would pay out depending on the number of combinations used in triggering a win. You can check the info section of the slot to learn about the rules of the game.

Among the regular symbols that trigger win combinations, you will find special symbols that will launch the bonus rounds of the games. These symbols also require combinations to do so. Getting the right combinations could make you earn free spins, multipliers, or any other juicy deal the game offers.

The rules of bitcoin slots are just as simple as regular slots. All you have to do is choose your desired bet amount and hit the spin button. From there, lady luck takes the reels.

Different Bitcoin Casino Slots Available

A wide variety of Bitcoin slots are available online, which is one of their most entertaining features. Classics like the 3-reel and 5-reel slot are great for starters that want to try out something they are used to. For players looking for a challenge, progressive and mega spin slots offer all the fun and win opportunities you can expect.

3 Reel Slots

3 Reel Slots

3-reel slots are slots with 3 columns and 3 rows. These are classics that represent the first set of slots to appear in the casino industry. They usually feature 9 symbol spaces and could come with a jackpot prize.

5 Reel Slots

5 Reel Slots

5 reel slots are more common and considered the standard layout for most slots. They feature 5 columns with 3 or 4 rows. These slots offer more paylines which gives you more ways to win with every spin.

Free Spins Slots

Free Spins Slots

Free spins slots are regular slots that come with free spins bonus rounds. To trigger and claim your free spins, you will have to match the free spins symbols on the reels to form a combo. You will be granted a number of free spins based on your combo. Free spins could also come with multipliers which increase your win potential.

Bonus Round Slots

Bonus Round Slots

Bonus round slots offer more exciting gameplay. As you spin the reels of the slot, you could trigger in-game bonuses. If the slot has more than one bonus round, there will be different bonus symbols through which each bonus round can be triggered. In most cases, you will be offered either multipliers on your wins or free spins.

Mobile Bitcoin Slots

Mobile Bitcoin Slots

While desktop slots offer an amazing experience, most casino players prefer gaming on mobile rather than being confined to a computer screen. Mobile bitcoin slots allow players to enjoy their favorite games on their smartphones and tablets regardless of the screen size of the device.

Why Play Bitcoin Slots?

For crypto gamblers, there is no arguing that bitcoin slots are the best thing that has ever happened to the casino industry. They offer flexibility and privatize your transactions. They also offer huge bonus deals when you play.

Fast Transactions

Using bitcoin as your preferred payment method guarantees faster transactions. While deposits are instant with almost every payment provider when it comes to online casinos, withdrawals tend to drag. This is mostly true for traditional methods like debit/credit cards. With bitcoin withdrawals, you don’t have to wait 1-3 business days. No matter the amount you’re withdrawing, the BTC transaction will be processed in a couple of minutes.


Privacy is one of the biggest benefits of bitcoin slots. As you know, all crypto transactions are recorded on a public distributed ledger called blockchain. While this is accessible to everyone, your personal information is hidden and encrypted. Even better, you don’t have to provide your personal information for every transaction. All you need to do is provide your BTC/crypto address.

No Experience Necessary

Unlike other payment methods, using Bitcoin doesn’t have a learning curve. As long as you have a crypto wallet with Bitcoin stored within it, you can get started. Simply follow the instructions from the casino, and you can make payment in a matter of minutes.

Constantly Improving

Crypto technology is not a done deal, and the same goes for Bitcoin. As the technology develops, so will Bitcoin slots. In the future, you will find new varieties of bitcoin slots offering exclusive features, including new ways to play, win, and new bonus features.

Pros and Cons: Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin slots offer a great appeal to crypto gamblers, but while they are a great attraction, they are not without problems. The privacy, ease of transaction, and exclusive offers that come with using bitcoin are insanely attractive, but there are also drawbacks to worry about.


  • Bitcoin has a fast transaction process
  • Bitcoin has no processing fees at most casinos
  • Bitcoin is secure and untraceable
  • Bitcoin offers anonymity to crypto gamblers
  • Casinos offer lucrative bonuses attached to bitcoin


  • No takeback or reversals once the transaction is finalized
  • Bitcoin is volatile
  • Extra fees for currency conversion

How We Rate the Best Bitcoin Casino Slots

As Bitcoin gets even more popular, dozens of online casinos out there offer this payment method to slot lovers. However, not all Bitcoin casino slots are measured equal. You only want to play at the best casinos with enticing offers.

We select only the leading Bitcoin casinos that will meet your gaming and entertainment needs. Here are the parameters we use when rating these online casinos.

Is the Casino Legit?

Transferring your bitcoin to an online casino is risky for any gambler. Once the crypto leaves your address, there is little to no chance that you will get it back. This could be a problem if you transfer to a fake casino site.

This is why we take the legality of online casinos very seriously. We are always looking towards casinos that are licensed in the state they’re operating. We also watch out for security features like SSL encryption that protect users’ data from hackers.

Many Bitcoin Slot Games

Game variety provides the best gaming experience when playing at an online casino. With just a few games to play, you’re most likely to get bored after a few tries. In addition, the lack of game variety makes it harder to find a bitcoin slot that perfectly fits your skill level. We look out for bitcoin casinos with hundreds of games for players to enjoy multiple gaming choices. The casinos we recommend offer slots with different themes and categories that ensure endless entertainment.

Provable Slots

Provable slots are a new category the industry is catching on. These slots offer different gameplay to ensure fairness and could increase your chances of winning. The provable system here is an algorithm that helps a casino player analyze and verify that bets are not affected by the casino operator. This allows you to choose between low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk slots with much ease. It also boosts privacy and transparency without taking away the fun.

Bitcoin Slots Bonuses

The best bitcoin casino slots are never perfect without bonuses. We take this into consideration since just about every player loves a freebie. The best bitcoin casino slots feature a handful of bonuses and promotions for players to get started. From welcome bonuses to regular promos, there must be offers for new and existing players.

Customer Service

While every online casino tries to be perfect, players will encounter issues sooner or later. In some cases, players might just need information or guidance on registration and payments or they could want to speak to the casino about something else. This is why having standard customer service is a must at any online casino. The best casinos provide all forms of communication channels including e-mail, phone chat, and live chat.

Tips for Winning Jackpots on Bitcoin Slots

Jackpots are huge prizes attached to an online slot. These jackpot prizes could be progressive or static. Progressive jackpots tend to increase in value till the prize is claimed. Static jackpots have a standard prize which will be stated on the game. Players will have to compete for that particular prize. These tips could help you be that lucky player.

Know Your Limits

Jackpot slots cost more to play than regular slots. If you’re not paying close attention to your bankroll, you could spend way more on your gaming session than expected. As such, it is important to set reasonable limits and stick to them.

Choose a Higher Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots are the best options to go for if you want to hit it big with jackpots. These slots offer jackpot prizes that continue to increase in value until they’re dropped. Winning a progressive jackpot is a matter of luck. Sticking to the ones with higher values could mean a big win for you when it finally drops.

Use Bonuses Wisely

Bonuses are freebies that take a lot of risk off your shoulders. Taking advantage of them could see you hit the jackpot prize without risking much of your personal money. However, when claiming bonus offers, keep track of the terms and conditions. Some bonuses do not allow you to use the bonus funds on jackpot slots.

Play to Win, not to Lose!

Playing to win means keeping track of your bets, following your techniques, and testing new grounds when it is less risky to do so. With time, you should be able to activate a winning streak that could drop the jackpot prize into your player account.

Are There Other Online Crypto Slots?

Tons of online casinos accept other forms of crypto. You might find that some bitcoin casinos accept more than one crypto option including popular choices like Ethereum, litecoin, and dogecoin.

These casinos are no different from bitcoin casinos, allowing you to play using different choices of crypto.

Can You Get Bitcoin Slot Bonuses?

Bonuses are one of the key tools for operators to expand their customer base. This is why there are tons of Bitcoin slot bonuses available for new and existing players. For new players, these bonuses are offered when you register. These could be deposit bonuses or free spins on certain slots. Existing players get loyalty programs and special deals that could come in handy.

However, while bitcoin bonuses are advised as freebies, they are far from it. They usually come with wagering requirements like every other bonus offer from a casino. The good news is that you get much lower wagering which makes the bonus offer more profitable.

Enjoy the Best Bitcoin Slots Today!

Finding the best Bitcoin slots shouldn’t be a challenge after going through this article. We have revealed all the important details to help you get started and get lucky on every spin. Bitcoin is a simpler payment method that saves you a ton of fees and will keep you anonymous when you need to be.

The security and speed of transactions are some extra benefits that make using Bitcoin the best option. Not to forget Bitcoin bonuses are one of the most profitable. Sign up to any of our recommended Bitcoin casino slots and start winning today!

FAQ: Bitcoin Slots

Are there free Bitcoin slots?

Yes. Some online casinos offer free Bitcoin slots. The free play version allows you to play slots without spending your money. However, any wins triggered in the slot will not be paid out.

Can I play Bitcoin slots on my mobile?

Of course! Bitcoin slots are available for desktop and mobile gaming. You can download the casino app on your iOS or Android device or go to the mobile-optimized website to access your favorite Bitcoin slots.

How do I withdraw Bitcoin winnings?

Withdrawing your Bitcoin winnings from your casino account back to your bitcoin wallet is a very simple process. In fact, the process is not only straightforward but also swift. To withdraw your winnings, you need to choose bitcoin as your withdrawal method and enter your crypto wallet address.

Are Bitcoin slots legal?

Yes. Bitcoin slots are legal as long as you're playing at a licensed casino. Check to confirm that you're playing at a licensed casino before going ahead.

Can I win real money from Bitcoin slots?

Yes. Bitcoin slots pay out in Bitcoin that can be withdrawn to your Bitcoin wallet once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount set by the casino. To play for real money, you will have to register an account, make a deposit, choose your preferred slot, set your bet amount, and take a spin.

What are provably fair Bitcoin slots?

Provably fair Bitcoin slots are slots that allow you to verify and confirm that your bets are not being controlled by the operator. This type of slot promotes transparency and will enable you to differentiate between low, medium, and high difficulty slots.

Are Bitcoin slots safe?

Bitcoin is one of the most secure payment methods you can choose at an online casino. This is thanks to the multiple layers of encryption attached to the digital currency. You can make your payments and play with bitcoin without worry.

How much can I win on Bitcoin slots?

You can win up to the maximum amount offered by the Bitcoin slot. With progressive jackpot slots, there is no limit on how much you can win. These slots could offer as much as 25 BTC when the jackpot finally drops.

Should I play Bitcoin slots?

If you want a safer payment method that keeps your gambling information anonymous, then Bitcoin slots are the right way to go. Chances are you could get bigger bonuses and bigger jackpot prizes when you play Bitcoin slots.

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