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Will the New Hype of Online Poker Continue?

EdnaApril 15, 2021
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Recently, there has been hype in online casino games, mostly due to the absence of sports and the pandemic. One of the casino games that has experienced a significant boost in this regard is online Poker. Online casino operators are stating more than a 50% increase in gameplay. This is happening for numerous reasons, and online casinos have been smiling at the bank.

However, the question on the lips of many operators is: Will the new hype of online poker continue? Well, this is most likely going to be the case. However, it relies a lot on the operator's innovation when it comes to getting new players and keeping them in the casino. Also, the preference of players will have a huge role to play. Before we answer this question, let us look at why there is hype in online poker today.

Absence of Sports Betting

Many bettors enjoy sports betting on their favorite teams. However, the pandemic has led to the halt of all sporting activities. In return, players are unable to engage in sports betting and have nothing to do. This has triggered many players to go back to a game they already know and love, which is online poker. Many bettors delved into the online betting world with poker when the initial online gambling boom started. However, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) changed all of these, causing players to find other gambling alternatives. Some players went for live dealer options, slots, and others went with sports betting. Since sports are no longer in the picture for now, many of these players have adopted poker, leading to the hype in the game.

Sports betting and Poker Have a lot in Common

Poker and sports betting have a lot in common, and these similarities have drawn closer to poker with the absence of sports. One major similarity is in the way various kinds of punters find them appealing. These are the intellectual and emotional players. Intellectual bettors study forms using their extensive knowledge and skill. They only place bets based on their findings, even if it is not in favor of their favorite team.

These players find poker appealing because knowledge and skill are crucial to completely master this game and the opponents. As opposed to beating the odds, they must beat the competitor. The emotional sports bettors, on the other hand, bet for their favorite team or players. They don't care about analysis and only bet on the team they like, making the game more fun to watch. Bettors in this category can get a similar feeling when they play online poker since they are based on a lucky hand or the feeling in their gut. Lastly, poker is a game that is highly social and lets players chat with one another. Considering the pandemic has restricted people from interacting with one another, poker is a good way for players to get the interaction they crave.

New Punters Have Time to learn and Play Online Poker

In the past, people led busy lives, and many of them were unable to find the time to learn and understand the game of poker. However, with the situation of things, players now have enough available time. This has provided them with the opportunity to invest the time in learning and understanding how to play online poker. Even players who previously had an interest in the game and were preoccupied with other betting and entertainment options can now follow up with it since most of them are no longer available.

Will This Hype Continue?

Now, will online casinos be able to maintain the hype they are getting from online poker, especially when other activities come back into the equation? Well, the answer is relative since it depends on a few factors. A good number of players will certainly drop online poker and engage in activities they used to like. However, if the online casino operator uses the right strategy, they can keep some casino players for a long time. This will require them to be innovative in their offerings and provide larger and more enticing prizes for players via tournaments. These prizes should be substantial enough to make players anticipate and ensure they keep playing.

However, serious online casinos need to do more than this. They can offer an easy to use interface, optional events, and tournaments, among others. Online poker developers will also have a role to play by constantly enhancing their product offerings and ensuring that players get an experience within the same standard or even better than other entertainment options. If online casinos can continue to hosts finals and run weekly tournaments and satellites consistently, they will have a great opportunity to keep players engaged.

The present online poker hype may not last; however, it will exponentially grow the online poker industry. What's left is for online casino operators to create a strategy for using it to their advantage.

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