What is the average payout of online slot machines?

Jenn Clarke
Jenn ClarkeDecember 9, 2021
What is the average payout of online slot machines
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When playing online slot games, you will find some great chances to earn payouts when placing wagers. These games all use a random number generator to offer random results. The best online casinos that payout will use an independent company to audit titles. With these audits, the payout percentages of games are verified. When you engage in play at best payout online casinos, you will find that the average return on slots wilt range from 95%-97%.

The best way to find a top paying game is to take time to review the RTP. It is always best to choose a game with the highest percentage. While this will not guarantee you will win, it does show that the game offers frequent payouts and that you have the best chances at earning some returns on your wagers.

How Often Do Slots Pay?

Aside from looking at the RTP of a game, you will also want to check the volatility. This refers to the hit frequency of a game. This with low volatility will offer more winning combinations, but payouts will be for a smaller amount. High volatility games do not hit often but can award the largest returns. Most players will find that medium volatility games offer a great balance between how often you can win and the amount that is earned.

The average return on slot games when playing online will be higher than at land casinos. This is because online sites have a lower cost to operate and are able to offer better paying games to customers. If you are seeking the best paying games, watch for those with medium or high volatility and an RTP of over 96%. You can find some games that have bonus features that will increase the overall RTP to as much as 99%!

When comparing slot games, consider the hit rate as well as the return to player percentage. An average slot online will have a hit rate of between 20 and 25%.

Finding the Best Slots

If you are a fan of slot games and want the best chances to win, you will want to compare various casino sites. Each site will be tested for fairness and will have verified payout percentages. The results of an audit should be published so you can see the list of games and their RTP. You should start by choosing sites that have a high overall RTP and then take time to compare different titles.

When choosing a game, keep in mind that hose featuring progressive jackpots will often have a lower RTP in the base game. These games are best avoided if you have a small casino budget. They will not offer frequent returns, even though they provide a massive jackpot payout.

Always watch for games that feature multiple bonus rounds as these increase the overall payouts that will be won. With hundreds of slot games offered online and providers always developing new games, there are many titles that feature top payouts and provide hours of entertainment. It will just take a bit of time and patience to in the best paying games.

Wrapping It Up

With an average return of 95% to 97%, online slots provide a great way to earn returns when playing for real money. While these games do not have the best returns of all casino games, you can find titles that have a higher RTP and enjoy frequent payouts that will quickly boost the bankroll. As new games are created, many developers are boosting the RTP to provide players with more winning opportunities and enhanced excitement when gambling nine.

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