The Super Bowl and Its Influence on Mobile Sports Betting This Year

The Super Bowl & Its Influence on Mobile Sports Betting in 2021

EdnaFebruary 23, 2021
The Super Bowl and its influence on mobile sports betting
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The super bowl event has always attracted numerous players who enjoy sports betting each year. During the period of the super bowl, sport betting platforms tend to experience a spike in their mobile sports betting application. This is because many players enjoy betting on their expected odds while on the move.

However, this year, things are a little different. The global pandemic has brought about restrictions to many things, and the super bowl and the sports betting sector are not left out. The Super Bowl experienced a drop in its audience, which is expected considering the worldwide restrictions.

Still, this did not stop fans around the world from betting on their favorite teams. Evidently, more people tried to engage in sports betting. Statements from numerous sportsbooks pointed out that they experienced the highest sure in mobile sports betting ever this year. So, why did this happen?

Lifted Restrictions

On online gambling and Massive Availability and Marketing of Apps.

Many states have made online betting legal, some of which include Virginia and Tennessee. Since many sports have ceased to occur due to the pandemic, the Super Bowl became the major sporting event to take place ever since online betting became a legal concept in these states.

For this reason, many popular sports companies started to heavily advertise their mobile betting apps ahead of the Sporting bowl LV. Platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel started to marketing their mobile apps much earlier than the Super Bowl. This gave many sports bettors around the world the chance to download and place bets right from the comfort of their homes.

Easy to Use App

In a statement made by specialists from both companies, betting has now been simplified on their mobile apps. Just about anyone can download the mobile sports betting app and place a bet on their favorite teams simply by clicking a button. The great news is that they don't need to be proficient in the game either, making it easy for a new sports bettor to make bets. It was easier for players who were stuck at home and looking to try out sports betting to download the app and bet on their favorite teams.

Dave Weaver, who is Fanduel’s co-host of More Ways to Win, stated that even if you don't know the names of all players, you are sure that someone is going to lose and the other will win. This creates an easy avenue for players to just bet on games and have fun without any pressure.

Numerous Betting Options

Sports betting platforms provided a range of bets for players, which they could place via their websites and mobile apps. Players could bet on the winner or loser of the game, which is the basic bet. They also had the option to use prop pets too, which is basically predicting what will go on with a specific player in a game or bet.

There are several bets you can place if you're interested in trying out online sports betting, and you can place those bets via mobile apps or websites. Johnny Avello, the director of race and sports operations in Draftkings, also verified in a statement with News Channel 11 that there were tons of bet options in this game.

How did All these Pan out?

What was the overall effect of this year’s Super Bowl on mobile sports betting?
Even though the predictions were there and many outlets were provided for players to make bets, things did not go as planned. During the night of the Super Bowl, there were crashes and technical interruptions, which left some of the top sports gambling websites dealing with unforeseen issues with their mobile sports betting apps and platforms.

BetMGM experienced an app downtown in Nevada, and the MGM retail spots book observed that they could not accept bets. Many bettors went to air their grievances on social media while the technicians did everything possible to solve the issue. However, the problem persisted till the end of the game, leading to MGM being unable to clear bets.

Ultimately, gamblers could not place any form of bets, which led to frustration among many players. FanDuel also complained of outages because the demand was way beyond their expectations. However, the company maintained that their platform continued to run. It stated that technical problems were more prominent in places like Michigan, where sports betting was recently legalized. The Penn National Gaming Barstool app also crashed during this period, with the company blaming technical issues from third parties. DraftKings was not left out in this problem either and blamed Kambi, their sports gambling partner. They stated that the huge influx of traffic caused the problem.

However, Kambi made a counter-statement saying that it experienced the largest volumes of bets since its existence. They also maintained that the issues stemmed from bet offers related to players. From the above, it is evident that the Super Bowl drew in more players to take up mobile sports betting this year.

However, these sportsbooks still have a lot of work to do and infrastructures to put in place to handle this huge influx in the future. Overall, we see more people sticking with mobile sports betting in the coming years.

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