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Using Online Casino Referral Bonuses

Jenn Clarke
Jenn ClarkeOctober 1, 2021
Using Online Casino Referral Bonuses
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With the growing popularity of online gambling in the United States, you will find many licensed and safe online casino sites presenting referral bonuses. These promotions are designed to get existing members to refer the site to others. With a referral bonus, you will receive free money or free spins when a referred person creates and funds a new member account.

These types of online casino bonuses are easy to claim and they are a great way to boost account balances. If you enjoy playing games at a certain site and believe others would enjoy them as well, be sure to take advantage of referral offers. These will benefit the new player as well as those making the referral. Read on to see how these great bonuses work and find out how you can start using them at top-rated US online casinos.

What to Look for

When you are looking to take advantage of a referral bonus, there are some things to watch for. Each operating casino site will have different deals and these will vary in value as well as restrictions. When comparing different casino sites and looking at supported referral bonuses, these are the things you should consider:

• Bonus Value – These bonuses have nothing to do with the amount of money that is deposited into an account they are offered when a referred player creates a new account and add funds. You will want to watch for offers that have the highest value for making a referral.

• Type of Bonus – Not every casino will issue cash as a bonus when referring friends or family members. Some will issue free spins. If you are looking for a certain type of bonus, be sure to read the terms of the offer to learn whether it is a cash or spins deal.

• Wagering Requirements – Not every referral bonus will have wagering requirements, but most US casinos will have these in place. When comparing bonuses. Try to find those that have the lowest requirement in place so you can quickly clear the bonus and enjoy what you will find free funds or spins.

• Maximum Referrals – Certain casinos will have a limit on how many players can be referred. You may find one site offering a bonus for up to 5 referrals and others can offer rewards for 20 or more players. If you have many people you wish to refer, be sure to take note of these restrictions.

How to Use Referral Bonuses

When you have signed up at a US online casino that features this type of bonus, you will have an easy way to receive some free funds. The referral bonus will be listed on the promotional page and here, you will find a referral link. This is what will be sent to other possible players. The new player must sign up for a new casino account using the link that has been sent in order for you to receive credit for the bonus.

Some casinos will present the bonus right after a new member signs up, but in most cases, that player will have to make an initial qualifying deposit. As soon as this is done, the referral bonus will be credited to the existing player account and can then be used to wager on supported real money games.

Each casino will have different bonus deals and they will all be worth a different amount. Take some time to compare the best US referral bonuses featured at leading NJ online casinos. Here, you can learn how much you can earn when referring friends and will also be able to find out about any restrictions or wagering requirements in place.

The terms of casino bonuses will always vary per site. You will find casinos in US states offering great deals to players to draw in new customers, so be sure to take advantage of this type of bonus at your preferred site!

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