How often are new gambling sites being launched for US players?

How Often are Casino Sites Launched in USA?

Jenn Clarke
Jenn ClarkeJanuary 18, 2022
How Often are Casino Sites Launched in USA
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As a gambler in the US, you may be wondering how often new online casinos enter the industry. The answer to this will vary per state. Since the US government allows individual states to legalize and license online casinos, each state will have a different number of sites and launches. Here, we take a look at new sites that are launching and inform players on what to expect in regards to how often a new casino becomes available.

License Availability

The online gambling industry is always growing and offshore sites are launched on a regular basis. There has been a recent surge in new casinos and some countries have launched new sites every week. However, in the United States, the launch of a new website is not that common. Each state that offers legal online casino sites will only be allowed to issue a certain number of licenses to operators.

In states like New Jersey, online operators must be associated with land-based casinos in the state. When online gambling was first legalized, 6 sites immediately launched. Today, New Jersey residents have access to over 2 dozen websites. On average, two new sites launch each year. Other states such as Indiana have limited how many licenses can be granted to any online operator and at his time, it is set at 2.

Since each state has the ability to regulate gambling the number of sites that enter the industry will vary. There is no way to say when a new casino will be launched due to the various regulations in place.

New State Laws

With an increase in online gambling activities among US gamblers, many more states are looking at passing laws that would allow sites to operate. At this time, there are just 6 states where online casinos are legal. A number of other states have bills in place and are waiting to pass laws that would allow for the launch of new sites.

As new states start to legalize online gambling, you will see many new casinos entering the US market. Unfortunately, a number of these states are focusing solely on offering online sportsbooks instead of casino sites. Those that will legalize online casinos will quickly launch new sites to attract gamblers and start generating revenue. The rate at which casinos will be launched all depends on when laws are passed and what states are taking steps to legalize online casinos sites.

New Brands Entering the US Market

With the US becoming one of the leading countries for online gambling, many companies are looking to get in on the industry and start offering betting services. There are companies that are currently operating and licensed in other countries that want to start offering US players access. When thee companies reach an agreement with a US state, they quickly launch sites to start getting players to register and place wagers.

One popular brand that has entered the US market is William Hill. This UK-based company has a great reputation and is known for offering a sportsbook as well as an online casino. William Hill now operates websites in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Indiana, and other states where legal sports betting is allowed.

As more states open their doors to online casino legalization, you can expect multiple states to launch. While we cannot say how often you can expect new sites to become available in the US, you can be sure that there will be more options in the near future as the industry continues to expand.

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