Gambling problems at online casinos – How sites handle them

Handling Gambling Problems at Online Casinos

Jenn Clarke
Jenn ClarkeApril 17, 2022
Handling Gambling Problems at Online Casinos
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For gamblers in the US, playing casino games online for real money is a great way to enjoy top games and payouts. While gambling can be a fun form of entertainment, there is a high risk of developing a gambling problem. At online casinos, it is easy for players to quickly make deposits. Some players run into problems and will overspend or not be able to control their habits.

Gambling problems are one of the main issues when it comes to betting online. As a player, it is important to always practice responsible gambling habits and remain in control. However, some players develop addictions and cannot manage money wisely. Here, you can learn how the leading online casinos in the industry take steps to address gambling problems and offer help to registered members.

Setting Casino Limits

When you access a licensed online casino in the US, there will be a page dedicated to Responsible Gaming. Here, you can find information on how to manage accounts and avoid overspending. The legit and safe online casinos will allow members to set limits on their accounts that can help prevent spending too much while playing games. There are options for deposit limits, play limits, and even loss limits. Ince these limits are set, they can help players maintain control. If limits are exceeded, the account will be temporarily suspended.

Voluntary Suspension

If at any time players are gambling and wish to take a break, they can request a self-suspension period for the casino. This can range from 3 to 30 days. During this time, the account will be suspended and the player will not be able to conduct any deposits or withdrawals. They will also be restricted from using any promotional offers that are presented. At the end of the selected time, the account will be reactivated.

For those that are having trouble managing money and find they are playing frequently, this option is a great choice. It is a temporary solution that can help players get back on track without having to permanently delete their casino account.


For those that have a serious problem with gambling, a self-exclusion option may be the best way to prevent further losses. Players can request to be self-excluded for a period of 1 to 5 years. It is also possible to request to be permanently self-excluded from being able to access any online casinos in a US state by contacting the regulating organization. When the self-exclusion period is in effect the account will be blocked. Any attempt to open a new account will be denied.

When requesting this option, keep in mind that it cannot be reversed. Once a player is placed on the self-exclusion list, they mt complete the time of exclusion. No account will be reopened before that time has passed.

Resources for Help

In addition to the tools offered at online casinos to help players manage accounts, those with gambling addictions can receive help from listed hotlines. Each casino will have a list of organizations that can provide assistance. Through these, a player can get counseling on how to manage money and avoid further problems. Some of the organizations listed will include state-run associations as well as national organizations. These may include Gamblers Anonymous, The National Council on Problem Gambling, or National Hotline.

Responsible gambling is essential for players to have an enjoyable and secure experience at an online casino. If you have a gambling problem and know you need help, be sure to reach out to the customer support team at your selected site. They can provide assistance on setting limits, blocking accounts, or referring players to appropriate organizations that can help.

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