RTP Guide – All you need to know about Return To Player

Peter Nwajei
Peter NwajeiDecember 6, 2021
RTP Guide – All you need to know about Return To Player
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RTP is an acronym for Return to Player. This term will not be new to great punters and gamblers as well as others who constantly hang out in casinos and slot communities. However, if you are a newbie, you do not have to worry much because RTP is quite easy to understand.

Understanding RTP will give you an edge when playing slot and boost your confidence. Having adequate knowledge of RTP will also increase your winning chances, allow you to make informed decisions when looking for best online casinos that payout, and plan your gambling budget.

Carefully read through this article to understand RTP and what it does so that you will be well informed the next time you come across it in a live stream or in-game.

What is RTP?

RTP is a common term in slots and casino games. It is used to depict the amount a player expects from a certain game as a payout over a long period. RTP tells a player how much of his bet he can get back.

How is RTP calculated in slot games?

RTP on slot machines is normally calculated in percentage. A player will have more likelihood to win over a long betting period if the RTP percentage is high. For example, if a plays a video game with a 99% RTP, he will get £90 for every £1000 used in the game.

The remainder of any RTP percentage is the casino edge. So for example, the house edge for a slot casino will be 2% if the slot machine has a 98% RTP. The casino edge seems little right? Yes, it does, to the untrained eye, but in the long run, the casino always wins so the 'small' percentiles eventually add up and the casino will not be on the losing end.

What does RTP do?

RTP calculates the likelihood of getting a win at a specific online slot based on the previous slot wins in the same slot. It measures probability and gives players house advantage such that they can calculate their risk; gambling has high risk.

RTP also helps players to pick a new favorite slot. When you see a list of slot ranked, the RTP numbers is usually one of the criteria to determine which slot to rank top or bottom.

How to calculate the percentage of RTP in slot machines

You might want to do your own calculations. Note that RTP considers a few aspects including the average of payouts and rewards as well as average bets in a particular game. If you get your calculations right, you can use your winnings to determine an RTP. For instance, if you wager 10 dollars with 500 dollars, then the RTP will be calculated at 5000 percent.

You can make better decisions when you know how to calculate RTP. Sites with a higher winning chance often offer up to 94% and players even get a higher likelihood of winning as they keep on playing. You can also play in online slots that offer low RTP, but games with a high percentage are highly recommended for newbies.

Can slots have RTP above 100 percent?

You might wonder if slots offer RTP above 100%. The answer is yes although this kind of odd is limited to only progressive slots it also depends on certain things.

Since RTP calculation is measured via millions of spins, progressive jackpot promises a lot but is quite harder to calculate.

Is RTP reliable?

In theory, the simple answer is Yes, RTP is reliable. However, casino players must know that RTP applies to only a large number of spins. Slots do not pay back 99 dollars every time after a few spins else the game would become boring.

In reality, things are quite different because RTP rules do not apply to short betting sessions.

Wrap up (TL;DR)

People play slots and casinos hoping to win. The joy that comes with winning is immeasurable and so is the payout. Because of this, players do everything they can to ensure that they get a win. They often use the knowledge of slot and casino tools to give themselves an edge over the house.

Newbies should also key into this and be well versed about the game, learning about RTP and others so that they can use it to their advantage and get big wins in slots. We expect that you will use your knowledge of RTP as a guide to gambling strategically and responsibly.


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