Is Bonus Exploitation Possible?

Jenn Clarke
Jenn ClarkeSeptember 13, 2021
Is Bonus Exploitation Possible
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Abusing a bonus offer presented at an online casino may seem like a fast and easy way to earn money and then walk away. However, each online casino has strict policies and protocols in place that will prohibit bonus exploitation. Any player that is found to be abusing bonus offers will have their account terminated immediately. While it may seem possible to take advantage of these deals and earn profits, there are restrictions in place that casinos use to prevent any form of bonus abuse.

If you are a real money player looking to benefit from bonuses, you will have to adhere to strict terms and conditions. It is not possible to exploit any bonus offer. Any attempt to do so will result in account closure and loss of funds. Casino sites will often use bonus codes to track promotion redemption and ensure that no abuse is taking place.

Types of Bonus Abuse

There are many things players will do to try to escape the requirements of a casino bonus. When it comes to bonus abuse, there are various things that players will attempt and these are all closely tracked by a casino site. It is almost impossible to exploit any bonus offer due to the strict terms used by operators.

• Multiple Accounts – Some players will try to create multiple accounts to take advantage of more than one welcome bonus. Online casinos have a strict policy that prevents any duplicate accounts. Players are limited to one account per household and any added account will immediately be terminated.

• Large Wagers to Complete Requirements – Every bonus will have wagering requirements in place and some players will try to place the maximum bet to clear these requirements quickly. There will be terms in place that will limit how much can be wagered while completing any wagering requirement. Excessive bet amounts will void a bonus offer.

• Ignoring Game Restrictions – Players who try to place wagers on restricted games using bonus funds will be deemed a bonus abuser. The casino limits what games can be played based on the house edge. You will find that games with a low house edge are excluded from bonus offers. Playing these games will void the promo and will result in the loss of any earned payouts.

Make the Best of Bonuses

Online casinos provide bonuses as a way to attract new members and keep loyal players returning. These offers are capable of offering free funds and you can generate some great payouts. However, due to strict terms and conditions, these offers may pose some restrictions for many. Instead of trying to cheat a casino and exploit a bonus. It is best to bonus hunt and find the offers that are most beneficial.

Each operating site will have different deals, all with various terms. As a real money player, you want to find a bonus with the best possible value. This can take some time and patience. Instead of redeeming the first offer you see, be sure to read the terms and conditions and learn of all bonus restrictions. It is often best to choose a bonus that has the lowest wagering requirements with the maximum cashout value. You may only get a small number of spins or funds to start with, but you will be able to clear the offer quicker and enjoy the payouts without being labeled a bonus abuser.

Watch for offers that require a small deposit and have a large cashout amount. These deals may not allow you to play all of the supported games but will offer a way to earn payouts while easily completing requirements so you can withdraw.

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