Are the payout of real money blackjack and free blackjack the same?

Are the payout of real money blackjack and free blackjack the same?

Jenn Clarke
Jenn ClarkeMarch 23, 2022
Are the payout of real money blackjack and free blackjack the same
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Blackjack is a popular game for many players at casinos and online websites provide an excellent chance to play for real money. With proper use of blackjack strategy, this game can yield some impressive payouts, which is why it appeals to frequent gamblers, including high rollers. If you are new to the world of online blackjack, playing at a casino site is beneficial. Here, you can play some free blackjack and get a feel for how the game works.

When playing online blackjack for free, the game features, rules, and payouts are the exact same as with real money versions of the game. Players can use these options to learn different game variations or to take time to develop skills and use new strategies before placing any bets. Free blackjack offers some great benefits and can be found at leading US online casino sites.

Benefits of Free Blackjack Games

Some players will wonder why bother playing free blackjack games if no payouts can be won. While these games will not add to the bankroll, they do have some great benefits. Free games are used by new and experienced players all the time. As a new member of an online casino, you can access a free game to learn the basic rules and have some risk-free practice time. You will never lose any money and can learn at your own pace.

Since free games can be accessed anytime and will not deplete a bankroll, many players will rely on these games to develop needed skills for when they play real money games. You will find that online casinos support multiple variations of blackjack and each will have slightly different rules. To be successful and win money, you must master these rules as well as a proper strategy when playing.

Despite not being able to win payouts with any free games, blackjack players in the US continue to access demo titles as a way to practice and become better players. Each free game offers the same exact features, including betting options and pay tables. This allows you to play a game that is just like what you will enjoy when you start betting real money.

Importance of House Edge

The house edge with blackjack games is pretty low, making this one of the best games for those that wish to win payouts. On average, a player that knows how to use basic strategy will benefit from a payout percentage of about 99.5% when playing online blackjack games. Blackjack is one game online where the house edge can be altered by using different strategies and choosing different games.

If any player enters a real money game without knowing basic strategy, their chances of winnings will drop and the house edge will increase. This is why free blackjack games are so popular. They allow players to master basic strategies and learn exactly what to do with each hand before placing any bets. Here are some things you will find that can affect the house edge of a real money blackjack game.

  • Paybacks: When choosing any online blackjack title, always look for those that have a standard payback of 3:2 for a blackjack. If you play a game that has a 6:5 payout, the house edge will increase.
  • Watch for Soft 17 Rules: When the dealer is required to stand on a soft 17 you will have a better chance to win. Soft 17 hands are when the ace will be valued as 11 instead of 1.
  • Number of Decks: The more decks that are used, the higher the house edge. Always watch for games with et fewest decks in play.
  • Surrender Option: As a new player, you may not realize how beneficial the surrender option is. It allows you to surrender a hand if you are in a poor position to win. It can reduce losses and minimize the house edge. Those new to the game can use free blackjack games to learn how to effectively use the surrender option.
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